Many schools are shut outside Delhi, where the FAKE farmers are protesting instead of working in their farms. Most schools have been shut since March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of children being unable to learn, especially if they don’t have the ability to connect to online or, private classes.

USE OF POOR CHILDREN for Khalistani cause

The ‘Farmer’ Public Relation Team Has Figured Out A New Way To Generate Sympathy For The Khalistani Protest – using poor children from the surrounding neighborhood for publicity purposes and at the same time, teaching them anti-Indian rhetoric.

The schools are called “Sanjhi Sathh” or common place since this is a practice which is carried on by villages in northern India. The schools don’t have an official name yet. Classes are held in make-shift tents.

Marxist Che Guevara is on the syllabus

These books about revolution are available in many different languages. This is a concerted effort by powerful entities – books etc., do not materialize overnight out of thin air.

The parents of these children are laborers and often work multiple jobs. They have no idea what is being taught to their children behind their backs. They are unaware that the books and posters being brought home by children are against their religion, their own country.

Who will take responsibility for stopping this anti-India indoctrination of India’s poor??


Photo: The Indian Express

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