The Enforcement Directorate of the Government Of India, through its official twitter handle, @dir_ed tweeted that ED has provisionally attached movable properties worth 17.66 Crores in the case of Amnesty International India Pvt. Ltd. and others.

This move of the Enforcement Directorate would further curtail the anti-India activities promoted by Amnesty International caused a lot of tension in already sensitive areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

Notably, Amnesty International had already halted its operations in India from September 2020 after the complete freezing of its bank accounts by the Indian government.

In September the organisation had stated that their staff had been laid off and campaign and research in the region work in the region paused.

Notably, the Amnesty International tried to play mischief and interfere in the internal affairs of India by inciting and promoting mass scale agitations to restore the highly divisive Article 370 of the Constitution of India which only gave impetus to secession and Islamic terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Amnesty International slyly promoted Islamic terrorism by giving platforms to terrorists’ families and secessionists to provoke armed struggle against India. It also peddled fake news that Indian Army and Indian government were violating human rights in Jammu and Kashmir and tried to portray jihadi mob pelting huge stones on the security forces, breaking many of the Jawans’ jaws, teeth and even critically injuring them.

So, the Modi government started taking action by freezing their accounts as they were openly promoting through their publications, seminars and meetings violence and disaffection against India.

he latest move to further provisionally movable properties worth 17.66 crores would completely bind them from finding funds to indulge in anti-India activities in the already charged atmosphere of so-called farmers’ protests propped by Khalistani elements funded by Pakistan and the global economic terrorist George Soros.

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