Delhi witnessed a unprecedented horrifying terror attack on Republic Day which saw large scale violence on the capital city and siege of Red Fort by Khalistani terrorists under the garb of farmers’ protests which left over 400 policemen seriously injured.

The probe on the violence and mayhem unleashed on Delhi is just unravelling many facts daily. Sources have informed that Delhi Police have successfully unearthed a conspiracy plotted by the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI and the Khalistani terrorists to unleash a large scale violence in India.

According to sources in the security agencies, Pakistani spy agency, the ISI held meetings with Khalistani terrorists to give a violent face to the ongoing farmers’ protests in India.

The venues used for these conspiratorial meetings were the Pakistani Embassies in Canada, Britain, Germany and the US. Several rounds of discussions and meetings were held to finalise the plan.

It was decided in the meetings that they need to internationalise the farmers’ protest in India as a grave human rights crisis, for this they felt the need to include some online news portals of India in the conspiracy. They therefore concluded in their meetings to involve certain news portals which were perennially opposed to Modi government owing to their leftist ideology.

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