UK Parliamentarians : Ignoring Ominous signs of Radicalized Islam in Great Britain

UK parliamentarians have debated on the political situation of Kashmir at Westminister Hall on January 13th 2021, criticizing Indian government decision to abrogate Article 370 and Article 35A for Jammu & Kashmir which accorded special status to the state. The debate was moved in the House of Commons by Sarah Owen & during the debate British parliamentarian John Spellar added that situation in Kashmir is a great concern for international community and looked upon as a potential threat to world peace and international order. Many British lawmakers expressed concern over with alleged extrajudicial killings, illegal arrest of Kashmiri youth, abuse of women, communication blockade and stated that 7 million Kashmiri lived in the world’s most militarized zone.

The debate in the House of Commons by British lawmakers reveals the colonial hangover mindset of British lawmakers who fail to understand that this is interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign country and they should respect the “One India Policy” under which the parts of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan & China should be handed over to India for global peace and security. The act of Internationalizing Kashmir issue is despicable and the United Kingdom should worry of the growing influence of radical Islam in it’s own backyard. The involvement of British preacher of Pakistani origin Anjem Choudary who is involved in multiple terror attacks including including the London Bridge attack in June 2017 has not faded from public memory. For long Britain has been sanctuary for hardened Jihadist terrorist and the imperialist nation should not forget the role it played in Balakanizing India by carving Muslim dominated Pakistan, East Pakistan & Burma is well known.

And new revelations by the UK Treasury department about Pakistan being the hub of funneling terror money in United Kingdom and using the country banking system to launder money and finance terrorism. The report adds that $2 Trillion funds were transferred in two decades and this pose serious risk to the financial system of UK. The organized transfer of illicit funds have led to the network facilitating drug trade, violent crime and funding Muslim patrols who demanded Shariah law be followed on the streets of London. And these grooming gangs have reportedly raped half a million non muslim girls in the past 40 years. The rise of incidents of gang rape and molestation of young under age girls have risen across the country. And with the pandemic gripping the country it is puzzling that UK law makers should worry on growing influence of radicalized Islamic groups with many parts of London becoming “Islamic no go zones” with bare minimum police presence and reportedly practicing Shariah laws.

With the country facing deep recession due to lab engineered China Virus and the new Covid strain has caused 86,000 deaths in UK. The British lawmakers seems to have forgotten their priorities and they should perhaps adopt measures to reign in political Islam as done by Emmanuel Macron in France. On the contrary raising Kashmir Issue by British lawmakers is an attempt by Pakistani sympathizers to scuttle the possible trade deal between UK and India which was about to happen and got delayed due to cancelling of visit by British Premier Boris Johnson to India. It should be mentioned that British Parliament never debate on the issue of Tibet, HongKong, Balochistan, Sindh, Xingjiang etc. And what would be their reaction if Indian Parliament Lok Sabha discuss the issue of growing demand of Independence of Scotland from UK ? And how about debate in Indian Parliament for estimated loot and plunder of $45 Trillion of Indian wealth during the 200 year rule of British in India.

The factors mentioned above suggest that United Kingdom could descend into anarchy if they continue to raise reckless issues of Pakistani interest and the reduced influence of native British due to faulty policies of the British administration. The signs of growing clout of radicalized Islam spells disaster for Britain which is grappling with issues concerning pandemic, Scottish Independence, Brexit woes to name few. The challenge in 21st century for Britain is to remain great and British lawmakers have to decide if they would practice minority appeasement or adopt rule of law.

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