ArnabChatGate Much Ado About Nothing

Just as the story of Nidhi Razdan’s fake Associate Professorship in the non-existent School of Journalism at Harvard University broke two days back by her drama of being so-called “phished” by some hoax job offer by Harvard, there is a new clamour in the Lutyens Delhi media from the leaked WhatsApp Chat of Arnab Goswami and Partho Dasgupta, head of BARC.

BARC is a television viewership rating agency. Arnab has been a target of the Sonia Gandhi eco system from the time he started to take resolutely nationalist positions supporting Indian Army in its efforts to quell jihadi terrorism in Kashmir. Arnab also claims that he is not part of the Lutyens media brigade dominated by the leftist cabal which has a cozy relationship with the Nehru family.

Arnab made many enemies in the media fraternity when started his own media company with two channels, Republic TV (English) and Republic Bharat (Hindi) by having an irreverent attitude towards the Sonia Gandhi family and being a stoic supporter of the Indian Armed Forces. Whereas the Lutyens media brigade with its fascination for Pakistan ran an Aman ki Asha cottage industry funded by the ISI and its sold out Kashmiri Muslim agents in America like Naib Fai.

Arnab began his own style of loud shouting match style debates with as many as 10 to 11 speakers, resulting in cacophony and noise. He would often call many Pakistani speakers in debates and they would be resoundingly thrashed by Arnab and other participants like army veteran GD Bakshi, defence analyst Sushant Sareen etc which made his channel very popular.

Other media channels with pro-Pakistan, pro-China pro-Kashmiri secessionists editorial lines with hardly any viewership became very jealous of his success as he dared to disrupt the complete monopoly of public narrative and discourse in India by the leftist- jihadi- Nehruvian cabal.

Arnab has now for the past seven to eight months being singularly targeted by the Maharashtra Government run by the support of Congress, since he directly accused Sonia Gandhi, calling her by her maiden name Antonia Maino, of being non-serious about the horrendous blood curdling Palghar Sadhus’ mob lynching case right under the nose of the Maharashtra police.

All hell broke loose on Arnab after that, he was deliberately fixed in an abetment to suicide case which was funnily closed by the earlier dispensation supported by Shiv Sena as it was a case without any basis.

This case was revived by Maharashtra government to harass him when he started a campaign for getting to the bottom of Sushant Singh Rajput’s unnatural death which was being passed off as suicide by the police authorities under controversial Commissioner of Police, Parambir Singh.

Parambir Singh was also accused by Sadhvi Pragya, Col Purohit and others of torturing them physically and mentally during their illegal custody by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad in the fabricated Saffron terror cases under the behest of his political masters in the UPA government led by Congress.

Arnab openly accused Parambir Singh of whitewashing the Sushanth Singh Rajput unnatural death case by doing shoddy investigation to save entrenched bigwigs from the Bollywood industry.

Arnab was always in the crosshairs of the Bollywood as he used to run campaigns even during his stint in the Times Now against Pakistani actors being employed in Bollywood movies. This did not go well with the Bollywood as it is public knowledge that Bollywood has deep connections with the underworld mafia run by Dawood which would finance many movies. We have seen many superstars, heroines and ace singers sing and dance in birthday parties of Dawood in Pakistan.

So, now both the Bollywood mafia and the Sonia Gandhi led eco system of left-Nehruvian-jihadi-Christian converter mafia started baying for Arnab’s blood as he started to appreciate the strong steps taken by Modi government in securing the country and neutering of Article 370.

The Lutyens media which was and is perennially slavish to Nehru-Sonia Gandhi family chides Arnab Goswami for being ‘Godi Media’ as he does not rant or run Maut ka Saudagar or Divider-in-Chief campaigns against Modi and Amit Shah.

Now the Maharashtra police is trying to fix Arnab in a TRP scam accusing him of colluding with the BARC head Partho Dasgupta to be the most popularly watched private channel in India.

NDTV, India Today and others ran campaign against Arnab that he is fixing television ratings, but the truth is although Partho Dasgupta seems to be a good friend of Arnab’s it is quite unlikely that he would face any competition from NDTV or India Today as it is a den of anti-Hindus like Prannay Roy (a Christian with a Hindu name) Rajdeep Sardesai, Ravish Kumar, etc. type characters. These anti-Hindu channels are just as popular as their political masters Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi is – that is completely unsaleable.

In the leaked WhatsApp chat between Arnab and Partho, Arnab is portrayed as having access to Information and Broadcasting Ministry and the PMO. Arnab in his chats with Parto discusses about his ex-collegues, their work quality and boasts about himself to be always being the first to have all important news scoops.

There is nothing incriminating in the chats as it is made out to be. The main aim of the Lutyens media is to somehow tarnish his image and make him appear like a political fixer just as they were for the previous Sonia Gandhi dispensation.

The Lutyens media and the Sonia Gandhi cabal also want to fix Modi and Amit Shah in their tirade against Arnab by claiming that the chats shows that Arnab was aware two days before the Balakot Airstrikes on 26.02.2019 that the strikes are going to happen. The cabal claims that this is serious security breach and very senior people from the PMO and HMO i.e. Modi and Amit Shah leaked the information to him.

Find below the copy of the alleged chat between Arnab and Partho regarding Airstrikes.

Even a person with half a brain and some commonsense which is of course uncommon with the Lutyens brigade would have known that Modi would be retaliating very decisively against Pakistan for the dastardly terrorist attack in Feb 2019 at Pulwama killing 40 CRPF soldiers.

Even the author of this article predicted like scores of other patriotic proud Indian citizens that Modi would be opting for aerial attack this time as the Indian Army had already accomplished a ground surgical strike against Pakistan earlier in 2016 in response to the barbaric terrorist attack on army base in Uri, J&K.

So, Pakistan would be pre-warned after the Pulwama terrorist attack that Modi would surely retaliate as he had shown gumption to attack Pakistan on its soil, not by sending Salwar Kameez clad proxy terrorists like Pakistan, but by our world renowned well trained and professional army.

In this scenario, aerial strikes makes more sense as loss of casualties can be kept to the minimum as compared to ground strikes where the enemy is pre-warned and there is no element of surprise in the attack.

So, the Congress and Opposition parties demand for an institution of Joint Parliamentary Committee for an alleged breach of security details to Arnab seems very preposterous. Because all patriotic citizens knew it was an inevitable action which the Prime Minister would not hesitate to take, so to say that Arnab knew something more special is a specious argument to say the least. By the way these worthies did not believe that the Indian Air Force bombed terrorists camp in Balakot, Pakistan in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area and killed 300 terrorists. They kept demanding proof of it and insisting that since Pakistan is saying that only some trees were damaged perhaps the event never occurred or the IAF missed its target.

Similarly, the removal of Article 370 was also very predictable, as both Amit Shah and Prime Minister Modi himself promised several times in their speeches inthe run up to the elections in 2019, that removal of Article 370 was a must for full integration of J&K within the Indian mainstream and curb secessionist tendencies. They had also stressed in their speeches that how Art. 35A which derived its existence from Art. 370 was anti-women and anti-Dalit apart from being discriminatory against residents of rest of India. The build up to the neutering of Article 370 by moving extra forces in Kashmir and several other unprecedented steps like putting acerbic Mehbooba Mufti and the Abdullahs under house arrest as they were making inciting statements like anybody who dares to remove Article 370 would be burnt alive in Kashmir, there would be no one to fly and support the Indian Flag in J&K if Article 370 is removed etc. So, the build up to the move itself suggested and was widely guessed by all keen political observers that the nefarious Article is going to be removed.

Therefore, all this hullabaloo created by the Lutyens Brigade and Sonia Gandhi’s leftist-jihadi-Christian missionary eco system is because they want to hit two targets with the same stone: Firstly, terrorize Arnab make him submit to their ways and warn all the others who dare to create a truly independent media to change the prevalent anti-national, anti-Hindu narrative to fall in line or be the next target. Which would be quite unnerving as even an accomplished Arnab had to spend without any legal basis 7 days in jail. Partho under arrest by the Maharashtra Police is said to be tortured by them according to his daughter and he was admitted to a hospital yesterday and is in ICU. The Congress is famous for having committed media and judiciary as anyone who dares to cross it is decimated as we saw during Emergency in 1975.

Through Arnab, the cabal’s main target is PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, they want to tarnish their image and create more unrest in society which is already in tension under the mob blackmail under the garb of Farmers’ Protest.

Also, through raking up these so-called leaked Whats App chats of Arnab the Lutyens cabal also wants to divert attention from the monumental fraud of one of its darling prima donnas Nidhi Razdan’s fraud of masquerading as Associate Professor of an non-existent School of Journalism in Harvard University. She tried to run some sob story about how she was fooled by a “very sophisticated phishing attack” which is quite unbelievable even to her dimwit standards. It looks more like a systematic conspiracy with aims for some substantial political gains in the US, by positioning herself as a prime influencer in the Indo-American community there.

So, the whole ArnabChatGate drama seems to be manufactured as a diversionary mechanism to take the attention away from NidhiHarvardGate to make her answer some very pertinent questions about her deliberate misrepresentation and fraud as a Harvard Associate Professor even when she knew she was not.

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