Everything about him, his love for his family, devotion towards his Guru and dedication to his work, respect for his elders, all this is the middle class template. His conduct is the quintessential Indian conduct.


This brand of atheism, where you want to shame your opponents into submission is no different from what Jihadists used to do and still do. Difference is that now things have gone digital, so graphical imagery targeted at an already wounded population is your weapon. If imposing religion is wrong, then imposing atheism is also wrong.

The Real Minority

Imagine a child, a kid, who is constantly told by people around him that he is SPECIAL. He can do whatever he wants and not have to answer for it. Now imagine, the book that the child reads everyday also says that he is special. Then imagine the child having a ball, doing whatever he wants, saying whatever he wants, breaking, burning whatever he wants and then, one day, along comes a man, who says, “you are not special!” That man is Modi. The man accused of discrimination is in reality the only man since independence, who is trying to restore balance in the society.