@Nidhi was probably offered a teaching stint at Harvard.  However, it was probably not because she has any pertinent qualification but because some corrupt entity pulled strings to get her in a teaching position via shady channels. 

Let’s examine a few scenarios:

Nidhi was indeed offered a position 

We know that when it comes to the corrupt leftists, qualifications are not necessary to perform a job.  This is evident by Nidhi’s entire career as a so-called journalist.  When most heard the news about her Harvard appointment, the news was probably seen as a continuation of a useless personality – Nidhi – doing the same fake shenanigans, not in front of the TV but now in front of a group of students; brainwashing them on how to create fake narratives about India and Hindus and sell them efficiently.  This is probably the reason why no one bothered to second-guess or fact-check the appointment.  

Harvard itself is under investigation

Private universities such as Harvard are well-known for making contacts and less for academics.  The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) is currently investigating Harvard as well as Yale University along with 11 other institutions.  Harvard claims to have received over $1 billion in foreign funding since year 2012 according to a DOE report.  The generous donations have come in from the governments of – China, Iran, Russia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as well as Chinese telecommunication companies and Russian and Iranian Foundations as well as Wuhan University and other organizations from China.  

“Academic Espionage”

According to the High Education Act, American universities are required to disclose donations over $250,000 from a foreign source.  According to Harvard, the University development people had created oversight committees to prevent scientists from accepting foreign funding to advance specialized research.  DOE and federal officials are alleging that schools solicit monies from hostile foreign governments as well as individuals and foundations which attempt to sabotage America.  This is often known as “academic espionage.”

It might be possible that Harvard offered a highly unqualified person @Nidhi a job and then rescinded the offer because the University itself is under investigation by the Department of Education for any suspicious activities.  Meaning, the offer to appoint Nidhi most likely came from a “hostile,” unsavory source as per the Department of Education’s report of what entails investigation. Since Nidhi and her comrades are all about suspicious dealings, Harvard cut the cord so as to not expose the donor or further implicate itself.  Nidhi then went crying and created some sob email scam story to portray herself as a victim to save face and attempt to further hide the larger scam(s).

@Nidhi is a habitual liar irrespective of spun stories and her crying wolf. And Harvard is in the news for yet another bad reason. We hope the actual truth comes out.

Sources: https://www.wsj.com/articles/education-department-investigating-harvard-yale-over-foreign-funding-11581539042

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