Most of us have read articles regarding the communists red washing the NCERT, History books and Film certification agencies. But, not many know how the Communists had red washed the Indian Bureaucracy.

The process started after Nehruji became the PM and toed a kind of “near communist” ideology. The process accelerated after Indiraji came to power.

Most of the IAS officers agree with any leftist cause and gel well with the left of center governments, but, whenever a right of the center party comes to power, they try to create havoc in the administration. 

Lets understand the well designed strategy step by step:

  1. Coaching Centers: Many young boys and girls stay in Mukherjee Nagar of New Delhi for receiving IAS coaching. “Mukherjee Nagar” is nothing but a left Ghetto where young boys and girls are given communist training, given communist literature to study.
  2. Newspaper “The Hindu”: Most (read all) IAS aspirants study this newspaper (or its sister publication Frontline)which toes a mild left line. Subramanian Swamy calls this a “Naxal tabloid”. Founder of “The wire” was the Chief Editor of Hindu.
  3. Minority coaching centers: Many minority institutes like Jamia and Zakat Foundation are proving coaching free (or at affordable rates) which has resulted to more red washed minorities cracking the Civil Services Examinations.
  4. After becoming an IAS: Once a person joins as an IAS, (s)he is trained at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). There (s)he is further indoctrinated about the greatness of Nehruvian Ideology. Till the Modi government came to power, the list of teachers, professors, and practitioners who trained the Civil Servants were the people sympathetic to the left ideology. Even today, a large number of trainers subscribe to Nehruvian Ideology.
  5. Students from JNU: Due to some reason or other, many IAS officers were JNU alumni. We know the level of indoctrination to the left ideology that happens in JNU.
  6. Coaching Center faculty: It is also seen that many coaching center faculties are left indoctrinated and groom young boys and girls in left ideology. Many JNU alumnus join as Coaching Center teachers.
  7. Questions in Civil Services: Many essay writing questions are asked in a manner which will highlight the left narrative of the history and create conflict within the Hindus. For e.g. a student has to write good about Delhi Sultanate while answering “Role played by Delhi Sultanate in reforming Indian administration”. A student has to criticize brahmins when answering a question “How was caste system prevented people at bottom from reaching the top”.

In nutshell, though the left was never in power directly in India, in a systematic manner it tried to ensure that left leaning students enter services, so that even of a nationalist govt comes to power, it doesn’t find it easy in implementing its policies.

Probably, that’s the reason why the Govt is unable to do privatization of Govt owned enterprises fast.

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