Breaking India forces have made a long detailed strategy to malign, destabilise, create unrest in India. They all have been badly exposed by a debacle of one of their own pawn Greta Thunberg. However, they will not let this own goal derail their war because their war is guided by the single minded agenda of maligning India particularly its Sanatana heritage and culture. This time their game plan is Khalistan. Now, they have prepared for this for months, invested millions if not billions of dollars. With such money they have hired professional world class PR agencies. Such PR agencies usually handle thousands of fake social media accounts to create sensationalism, trends. To add to that, these PR agencies are being supported by other anti India agencies like DGISPR of Pakistan which is know to handle thousands of fake social media accounts themselves. What these fake accounts does is create a perception of strength of anti India forces through likes, retweet. That’s why an idiot troll like Kunal Kamra, a well known jihadi like Arfa Khannum are getting multiple times more than usual likes, retweets, engagements. Although I won’t be surprised if even in normal times, breaking India forces and their paid PR amplify some of these accounts. These PR agencies are working overtime in ensuring that any big profile supporting their narrative gets huge likes, retweets. Now, Bharat’s response has been fantastic, organic and united. Many world class memes have been created. And that’s is certainly a great strategy. But many are making some mistakes in fighting this information warfare. Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Don’t answer: Just don’t answer their propaganda. Question them back. Change the frame of their whole tweet, post. And put them in the position to answer.
  • Guerilla warfare: They have the power to amplify the likes, retweets of their twats. Many of the operatives of this PR agencies are out in the open. Expose these small, but crucial profiles. Guerilla warfare is attacking a weakened vulnerable unit of the enemy and retreating quickly. Hurt them where it hurts most and retrieve before their PR driven accounts come to the surface.
  • Ridicule them: Humor, comedy is the best way to counter propaganda. Diljit has released a propaganda music video so quickly. A spoof music video of the same will be twice as effective.
  • Tire them out: Fake PR drive can only last so long. Their strategy is to repeat 2020 riots in Delhi. While our security forces will deal with the matters of security, information warfare can be won by distracting them of their narrow focused messaging and keep frustrating them persistently till their PR handlers run out of contract and money.
  • Don’t be defensive: Never be defensive about anything whether Farm laws, Modi, Hindutva, Police action, Ambani-Adani or bhakt. Counter attack ruthlessly.
  • Trigger them: One thing we are missing is these wokes get triggered quite easily. Let’s use this to our advantage for counter attack.
  • Let’s create our own trends on the streets and on SM as well. Our strength is organic, theirs is a paid PR alignment with breaking India forces. Time will defeat them eventually but let’s make sure we hurt them so badly that they will think twice before waging another disinformation campaign on Bharat again.

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