The ruling communist government of Kerala has now gone to new levels of anti-Hinduism. It has now started to directly impose its hatred for Hinduism on examinations conducted by the State.

The Hindu community in Kerala is outraged over an anti-Hindu question asked in an online exam to award Akshaya Franchise in the district.

The exam was conducted by KELTRON (Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited), which is a government of Kerala undertaking.

The question reds as follows:

“Which god lost his relevance after the coming of Jesus Christ?” and the options were, A) Brahma, B) Vishnu, C) Maheswaran, D) Indra!

The exam was conducted in the Kollam district of Kerala. Based on the outcome of this test, the franchises of Akshaya centres are to be awarded.

It is unfathomable that such outrageously provocative, anti-Hindu questions can be asked in any part of the world, much less in the country of birth of Hinduism and where 100 crore people are followers of Hinduism.

When the Kollam unit of KELTRON was questioned about this highly incendiary question paper they replied that the question papers were set by the Thiruvananthapuram head office.

The candidates who wrote this exam lodged their protests against the inclusion of such preposterous and highly provocative questions in the exam.

Notably, a very harmless question about Prophet Mohammed landed up Professor Joseph in trouble and he ended up losing his palm to the extremist jihadis of Popular Front of India. Notably, yesterday the Supreme Court awarded one the accused in the matter bail by saying he has been in jail for the past 5 years without the trials being concluded.

The judiciary is quite inconsistent in such issues as even with ample evidence jihadis are let out in bail, whereas Sadhvi Pragya had to suffer custodial torture and be in jail for 8 years without any bail for no fault of hers in the so-called fabricated Saffron Terror cases.

Coming back to the current story, the communist have a penchant to insult and denigrate Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Hindus should file criminal complaints against KELTRON and also file civil class suits against KELTRON & Kerala CPM government for compensation of crores of rupees for harming the reputation of Hindus and Hinduism and causing Hindus mental trauma by hurting religious sentiments. As Hindus are no longer going to take it lying down or show the other cheek.

The communists having lost their political relevance in India, is soon on the verge of losing its National Party status with no one buying their anti-Hindu class war nonsense and trying to be in news by abusing or denigrating Hindus or Hindu Gods.

Leave alone Hindu Gods Commies, your class war God Marx has become a Jurassic Beast!




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