Popular Pakistan braodcaster in India Radio Pakistan’s Twitter handle has been withheld in India. The handle was indulged in spreading misinformation and false narrative against the Indian government.

The shutdown of Pakistan’s official broadcaster Radio Pakistan’s Twitter account in India is part of a wider campaign against Twitter accounts that promote misinformation there.

Following this move by Twitter management, tweets from their official handle @RadioPakistan are no longer accessible in India. On social media, the Twitter account with more than 929,000 followers is infamous for disseminating anti-Indian propaganda.

Facebook previously prohibited the live streaming of Radio Pakistan bulletins in 2019 due to a violation of the community guidelines and the propagation of false information on Kashmir. According to Facebook, it broke the rules against dangerous people and organisations.

The penalty taken on Radio Pakistan’s account comes after a string of similar judgments made by Twitter in recent days. Prior to this, twitter last week blocked the Twitter account of false news peddler and supporter of Islamic terrorism CJ Werleman.

After that, on June 26th, In response to a legal request from the Government of India, Twitter withheld a post from Washington Post columnist Rana Ayyub who is accused of financial crime on June 26.

Amaan Bali, a pro-Khalistan author who belived that Sikhs are oppressed in Afghanistan issue to Hindus, had his Twitter account blocked in India earlier today at the government’s request as well.


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