Jack Dorsey’s Social Media platform, works less like a platform and more like the Dictator General Admiral Alladeen controlls legal free speech which is a bulwark of any civilized society. It bans and suspends accounts of people who are critical of Islamic Jihad and ultra-leftist ideology.

Recently the micro-blogging site banned Donald Trump, a sitting Head of a State for “inciting violence” its double standards were pointed by many netizens world over by showing that when rabid Islamists like the Indonesian President Mahathir Mohamad can happily call for mass murder of lakhs of French citizens by Muslims so also blatantly fundamentalist Islamists like Ayatollah can continue with their twitter accounts, Donald Trump was perceived by Jack Dorsey’s Twitter to be the most dangerous person in the world!

Now, it comes to light that Twitter not only does not censor rabid hate filled jihadi or ultra-leftist tweets that openly call for murder of people like Donald Trump or Prime Minister Narendra Modi but also had in the past refused to take down a video of child sexual abuse circulating in its platform.

Breitbart.com reported on 21.01.2021 that a lawsuit filed against Twitter by National Center On Sexual Exploitation on behalf of victim of child sexual abuse accused Twitter of repeatedly telling the victim of child sexual abuse that a video of his ordeal circulating on Twitter did not violate its policies!

The victim, anonymized in the lawsuit as John Doe, alleges that Twitter allowed the video of his abuse, filmed when he was 13 years old, to accumulate hundreds of thousands of views.

The lawsuit states that Twitter only complied after an agent from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) got involved with the case. By that time the video had already garnered over 1.67 Lakh views on Twitter.

The suit says Doe’s mother had filed two complaints to Twitter reporting the same material and for a week she received no response. Finally, on Jan 28, Twitter replied to Doe and said they would not be taking down the material, which had already raked up over 1,67,000 views and 2,223 retweets.

Nauseatingly, according to the lawsuit, Twitter’s reply was, “Thanks for reaching out. We have reviewed the content, and did not find a violation of our policies, so no action will be taken this time.”

The lawsuit further stated that Twitter knowingly allows paedophiles to use the platform to exchange material depicting child sexual abuse and profits from their activity, which includes use of the ads system. The lawsuit also alleges that Twitter made money from the video of the victim’s abuse.

The lawsuit was brought by two private law forms and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. The suit will be heard in the Northern District of California.

This episode is really shocking and beyond belief, to see the extent to which Twitter goes to make money and create mayhem in society. No wonder it does not like people who insist on following fundamental values and morals of civilized society, being a votary of anarchist ultra-leftists under the garb of liberalism.

Like the Dictator Admiral General Abdaleen, it did not matter to Twitter that a child’s right to dignity and privacy was being violated. Neither is it surprising that we have the so-called libertine in India rooting for right to watch debasing porn on internet by calling it a matter of choice, when many of the porn contents are so obnoxious that it promotes date rape, gang-rape, brutal assault rape as fun entertainment.

What is more deplorable is the so-called intelligentsia feeling that it is perfectly a matter of individual choice to watch porn and sexual abuse. There is growing section in the anarchist groups now wanting to legalise incest as individual choice and insisting sadistically that young children love to be sexually exploited and the rest of the society should not be depriving them.

People who advocate such depraved and perverse criminal behaviour as individual choices are the so-called liberals! In the name of Reality programs many liberal entertainers (like Netflix’s Cuties show) allow children to be abused by making vulgar dance moves with sexual overtones. These same liberals silence voices who disagree with such immoral practices and insist that a civilized standard of morality should be observed.

No wonder anarchism promoting Twitter freely allows paedophilic content on its platform and even earns profit from it. It is now understandable that why it is so tolerant towards insane Fundamental Islamic radical clerics who advocate necrophilia and sex-slavery, as such poisonous ideas help them to rake in the moolah.

But it is surprising that the so-called liberals who run the Twitter find child sex abuse video and pornography quite wholesome but rant over sexual misadventures of Donald Trump. Why this double standard? In any case, Trump’s sexual exploits were with consenting adults or young adults and he never put a video of his exploits on social media to earn profits like Twitter allegedly did.

Twitter mangers no wonder hate Hindu philosophy which calls for balance in life and use human mind for more useful purposes than base instincts. Admiral General Aladeen of the Blue Bird Land wants to control the lives of netizens all over the world and doesn’t hesitate to silence people who disagree with the dictator and his friends!

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