Nowadays on social media, the trend of offending Hindus & hinduism has reached such heights that even in a protest where farmers are to be addressed, failed actors like Yograj Singh are saying degrading things about Hindus and especially saying disgusting things about Hindu woman to please their political masters.

While it is a fact that sikhs and hindus were on the same defending side of india against islamic oppresors and helped each other, like Sikhs attacking abdali forces to save hindu prisoners or Maratha warriors saving and rebuilding the golden Temple, there are other forgotten stories of bravery of Hindu Warrior Queens who displayed the highest level of bravery & Kshatrani qualities whenever it was needed to save India from invaders .

Here are 4 such stories that people like Yograj Singh Do not know about:

Naiki Devi,Rajput Queen Who defeated Mohd. Ghori even after being badly outnumbered and saved India from the invader:

Naiki Devi the warrior queen of Gujrat who defeated Ghori
Naiki Devi, the Chaulakyan Queen who defeated Mohd. Ghori

While everyone knows about the barbaric murderer Mohd. Ghori, very few know about the Chaulakyan Queen Naiki Devi of Gujrat who defeated him in the mountain passes even after being heavily outnumbered with clever tactics. She fought ,tying her infant son on her back.

It was because of her that Mohd. Ghori could not attack the Somnath temple and was forced to run away and never enter India through Gujrat again.

Read the full detailled story of this battle Forgotten queen who saved Western India from Mohd. Ghori here

 Rani Abbakka Chowta, Warrior Queen who fought the Portuguese for 4 decades

The only woman in history to confront, fight and repeatedly defeat the Portuguese, Rani Abbakka, not only fought but defeated the much stronger Portuguese Navy repeatedly again and again.Frightened by the ferocity of the queen, the Portuguese troops used to flee to their ships.

Her piercing battle cry – “Save the motherland. Fight them on land and the sea. Fight them on the streets and the beaches. Push them back to the waters”, echoed through winds as she and her soldiers fired flaming arrows at the Portuguese ships.

In a battle, after being surprise attacked by the Portuguese, she continued fighting .While many of the ships in the Portuguese armada burnt that night, Rani Abbakka was wounded in the crossfire and was captured by the enemy with the help of a few bribed chieftains. Rebellious till the very end, the fearless queen breathed her last in captivity. However, her legacy lived on through her equally fierce and brave daughters who continued to defend Tulu Nadu from the Portuguese

Destroyer of Timur’s murderous army: The great Rampyari Gurjar and her 40,000 women warriors

rampyari gurjar jograj singh gurjar
Rampyari Gurjar and her 40,000 women warriors that saved India from Timur’s Islamic conquest (Source:

Although there are people in bollywood who name their children after the mass murderer Timur,who killed more than 1 lakh people in delhi , very few people know about the heroic battle that happened in present day Meerut & haridwar to chase away Timur from India and save India from becoming an islamic land as he wanted.

A Big army that had a female division of 40,000 women warriors led by Rampyari Gurjar played a heroic and decisive part in that battle, after which Timur didn’t dare enter India again. These women fought alongside men against the invaders to safeguard India and save its people. The full detailed story of this forgotten battle is very interesting .

Read the Heroic story of this Female warrior here: How 40,000 hindu warriors lead by Rampyari Gurjar defeated Timur

Uttarakhand Queen that defeated and humiliated the Mughal Shah Jahan that he never tried to attack It again

Rani Karnavati( Nak kati rani) who defeated the Mughal forces of Shah Jahan

Although Mughal ruled over a big part of India at some time, there were Kingdoms that they could never win. From Ahoms of Assam to Garhwal of Uttarakhand, they were always defeated by the ferocious Hindu warriors of these places. One such story is of Rani Karnavati of Uttarakhand who defeated the invading army of Mughal King Shah Jahan with her small forces. How she did that was a very clever, tactical approach. it is sad that these stories and forgotten history are not known to most of the indians.

To read the full detailed story of the battle click here: Uttarakhand queen who defeated and humiliated the Mughals by cutting off their noses. Hidden story of the Nak kati Rani of Garhwal Kingdom

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