In the name of Secularism, Liberalism, Socialism , Sovereginty, Equality , Fraternity with Freedom of Expression, Liberty, Living and Religion, Communist are sympathizers , promoters, opportunist and hijecker with residue of Naxalism, Leftist , Marx, Lenin and Maoist ideology and live all over the world ,Since they all are the part of india community and culture , so they undermine and hollow out the indian tradition , society and hindu religion including ancient hindu history .

In simple word, Communist are the group of people who have less, or negligible patriotism in fevor of their own country and religions.

The Communist naxals are the extreme (and real) face of communist parties in India. Communism with Naxals form the most important part of the Breaking India forces from within India. The Communist come under many layers and can be divided into three categories.

1.The least dangerous communist (Rural Communist): They are indulging in armed struggle with the state. In many of the remote tribal villages or areas they have taken full control of local administration. They often have partnerships with NGOs on their share of tribal populations. These are the least dangerous naxals because they have visible arms and our forces can attack and fight with them. Their influence is restricted to few states the most affected ones are West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

2.Moderately dangerous Communist (Urban Communist): They are based in urban areas and come under the guise of poet, writer, rationalist, human write activist, civil rights activists, environmentalists and what not. They provide the motivation, strategy, arms and funds to the armed naxals. It is possible to catch them and prosecute them based on their connections with banned organizations, their networks, their law breaking activities. Two installments of activists have been arrested by Maharashtra police in the aftermath of Bhima Koregao activities are referred in media as Urban Communist Naxals.

3.Highly dangerous Communist (Highly placed Communist): The most dangerous naxals communist fall into this third kind. They are expensive lawyers in Supreme Court, award winning writers, elected representatives, members of erstwhile National Advisory Committee. They provide legal and intellectual cover to the Naxals. They also provide legitimacy to their activities. They are also in touch with some political parties.Their influence spans over national even international boundaries.

These Urban Naxals Communist are Snakes, let me explain you how ?

1.They will lure around democracy with filthiest heart and spit venom on the slightest intimidation.

  1. They are the legacy of British, high education but poor social understanding
  2. They have a spectacle of west, every domestic issue is perceived based on western civilization point of view
  3. They believe in Doomsday prediction of the nation, their ultimate tool is to portray an abysmal picture of society
  4. They don’t believe in data, facts and figures, all they believe in emotions
  5. For them, western civilization & China are epitome of Utopian world which they imagined India could never be, so they work to deconstruct the nation
  6. Indian Mythology is their nemesis, but they love Greek one
  7. They hate Right Wing political spectrum, but they love Left Wing Extremism
  8. They compare everything to absolute, which is nonsensical as there are no absolutes ever achieved by anyone, everything is relative even “Time”
  9. They don’t cheer the development of the nation, but thrive on the loopholes
  10. They love neighbours, whether its Pakistan, China or even Maldives also. They support them in all cause irrespective of India’s national interest
  11. They hate economy/finance, its like gibberish to them
  12. For them, change is confined to govt. only not at individual level

Who they are ?
The might be a Biggest News Channels, Historians, Individuals.

What They Actually do ?
1.They actually mix some faulty facts in reality,

2.They mainly target the patriotic and nationalist people.

3.They misinterpreted history, and put their ideology because they are naxals.

4.They hide real facts and write more
about their ideology and agenda.

How to identify ?
By crosschecking in history and always check the background of all authers , writers, historian , poet, journerlist , scientist, politician , beurocreats, advocate , judge , doctor , engineers , economist, religion believers, entertainers , human right activists actor and actress .


Will be continue …

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