Why we should stop all the tirade aganist Christ, Christianity and Western world for now?

The famous French general Napoleon Bonaparte had said “When you are facing two strong enemies, then put youself in the central position, fight one enemy at time and defeat them one after the other”. This stratgey was used successfully by him and many others. Why did the French still lose? The reason is simple: their enemies(British and Russians) understood this, and used the counter strategy that is they made him face 2 enemies from 2 sides at the same time. What happened, he was miserably defeated.

There are reasons why I am saying the above fact:
All of us acknowledge that Communism as an ideology and communist nations (especially China) poses an existential threat to India and Indian civilization. To make matters worse, lets humbly admit that the Chinese are ahead of us in Tecnhology, Global reach and Military. But not everything is lost here, there is a also a silver lining. The Pandemic came at the right time, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is exposed and world is weary of the rouge CCP. The western world(EU, US, Australia) and Japan now clearly understand the threat China poses at the global stage.

Let me speak what happened after first world war – how the making a new global world order started? Prior to WW I, the world was ruled by Britain and France. There used to be a British saying “Sun never sets in our empire”. But after 1870s new european powers emerged i.e. Germany and Italy. The WW I proved that UK and France cannot maintain their henemony of the world dominion and they realized it. What did they do? They pulled in US and gave US to play the role of a big brother in the peace negotiations(Treaty of Versaillies) with defeated Germany and Austria-Hungary. This marked the begining of the passing of the world leadership from UK/France to US. The question arises, why UK/France prefer to pass the mettle to US and not Germany (and later Japan in WWII). The reason is simple, UK/France were democracies and they did not want dictatorial countries like Germany, Italy be given the mettle. It is a different thing due to certain mistakes of western powers (I will talk about them later) USSR unwillingly came to center stage and became a competitor to western world.

After the Pandemic what is the Shift? The world realizes that India is needed to counter balance China. Plus India being a democracy, world trusts India much more than China. Plus, if you look at the eastern Hemishpere: There are four civilizations who have the power to be the leader. One is India, Second is China, third is Russia and fourth is the Islamic middleeast.
I have already said China is not trusted any more. Russia has a very small population, plus though it is a big country, it has a small all weather coastline, and you need to be well connected with Oceans to be a dominating force, and hence Russia is also ruled out. Islamic middleeast is bitterly divided(when it was united their influence was huge), plus the western world has been fighting Islam for last 1400 years. Hence, middleeast is ruled out. So, India is the only country which can dominate the eastern hemisphere and eventually the world if we play our cards right.

Now, coming to the point, why I am saying that we should stop all the tirade aganist Christ, Christianity and western world for now?
The reason is simple, inorder to counter balance china India needs western support. We see that US, France, UK, Australia and Japan are already being coopertive to us. Secondly, no matter what, China will always be our enemy/competitor number number one. If we keep cursing christianity, then there is a strong chance that western powers may not fully trust India. Plus, Chinese may as well use this to create a wedge between India and west. Secondly, in next 50-100 years, God willing, India becomes the defacto leader of Eastern Hemisphere, then there are many christian countries we need to manage and hence if we are “vocally” anti christian then that would work against us.

But, Christian missionaries are engaging is religoius conversions which is big threat to the Hindus, and thats abolsutely true. What we should actually do here is: counter the threat in work, not in words or post(in other words we fight our battle against them softly instead of being hard). We siliently work persistently against the Christian missionaries and dont openly send the message that we are anti-christian and antagonize the Christains and the west.

There is another small but important reason behind this. India had 3 communist forts: Kerala, Bengal and Tripua. We have breached Bengal and Tripura. But, trust me, breaching Kerala wont be easy as thats the strongest communist fort. We need to forge a Hindu+Christian alliance to breach Kerala as Kerala has a sizeable Christian population. Without that alliance we can never break communists in Kerala. Again lets realize that Communists are far bigger enemies than Christian missionaries or Jihadists. Hence, defeating communists should be our first priority.

The point I am driving at is: fight one battle at a time with full force and manage the competititors in a diplomatic manner. Indians needs to learn this art a lot from British and Americans, if we truely want to be a Biswaguru. We cannot be a Biswaguru if we dont act diplomatically.

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