We have never had secularism ruling our country. Don’t be shocked as yet by the naked truth being put out in the open.

Lies and more lies have been fed to us since independence. All citizens are equal. A lie. The state will keep itself away from religion. One more lie. The state will not favour or discriminate citizens irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. Lie once again.

We are ruled by Sharia by proxy. Mahatma Gandhi set it as a precedent and Nehru put it into practice. It began by acceding to partition on the basis of religion. The illegitimate got further legitimised by surrendering to the demands of Islamists in the valley. Article 370 and 35A are Sharia-driven rules handed on a platter to bigoted Islamists.

It carried on further when Hindu marriage act was codified, leaving Muslim practices intact. Islamists flexed their muscle in the valley in the form of mass killings of Kasmir Hindus, raping Hindu women, burning houses and forcing the survivers out of their homesteads. The bigoted Islamist rulers of Kasmir derived cruel pleasure out of the ethnic cleansing and did nothing. Nor did the government at the center stir out of the deep slumber to intervene. Sharia ruled the day. Pakistanis clapped for their Jihadi stooges in the valley for having achieved their stated objective in the valley.

Rajiv Gandhi overruled apex court ruling in the Saha bano case. Sharia injustice prevailed over secular constitution to deny a triple talaq victim her rights. Courts, media and civil society kept mum. Some section of the media lauded Congress party for upholding secularism.

Crimes happening in our country are getting differential treatments. The so called secular parties cry hoarse when the victims happen to be Muslims. But they slip into a silent mode when the identity of the victims is Hindu. Media too behaves in similar fashion. In fact, they act like the extended arm of Congress party. Leftists, Islamists and NGOs make noise as usual, putting the majority community in the dock.

Illegal conversion takes place on a massive scale. Politics has saddled the law enforcement to such an extent that they shy away from taking any action. Hindu girls are entrapped in love with Muslim boys. They are converted to Islam, tortured and killed. Anybody speaking against it is ostracized, called names and branded communal. There is a sharia-enforced silence.

Anyone from Muslim community who is caught on the wrong side of the law and is acted against as per law, finds massive army of people from his/her community coming out forcefully defending him/her as innocent. And the usual suspects in the media and the so called liberal circuit lend their support. This is Sharia rule by proxy, which isn’t inclined to accept constitutionally mandated laws.

The same Sharia mindset declaims terror has no religion. But they don’t hesitate to blame Hindus for 26×11 Mumbai terror attack, planned and perpetrated by Pakistan. The same mindset extends VIP treatments to Pakistani ministers right after the Mubai attack.

Sharia doesn’t even tolerate criticism of Taliban’s excesses in Afghanistan. So much so that one worthy Muslim lyricist from Bollywood compared Hindus with Taliban.

They make vociferous demands to allow Rohingyas and illegal Bangladeshis to settle in India. But strongly oppose persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan getting citizenship in India on priority.

Sharia is responsible for desecration of Hindu temples, idols of Gods and killings of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Even in several parts of our country where denominations are slightly tilted in favour of Muslims, Hindus are living in mortal fear for their lives.

70 years have passed already living in the shadow of Sharia rule. We must start practicing secularism at least from now onwards. Or else, it will be too late.

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