I saw that tweet from Miss Agrima , mocking the looks of a Sikh man .


As always and and every day it speaks more about the absolute Hypocricy and laugh-worthy IQ and thought process of secular, woke, liberal feminists.

I thought PAHIMINISTS beat their chest every day about not judging a woman on her looks, size, color , hairy body , pink blue hair, etc.

Multiple articles were written about BRAHMICAL PATRIARCHY (oh yes no other caste or religion ever mocked a woman on her looks) and how it is the reason behind such comments , articles, mindset .

And the same cabal don’t think twice about making such statements about looks and appearance of a Man. Of course such 20/20 eyesight holders , who are great judges of beauty , aesthetics and eye candy connoisseur , never speak about the looks any non Muslim man, This case was one off incident because the other side is Muslims.

Reminds me when the low iq wannabee rega Jha , tweeted about good looking Muslims .

BuzzFeed India's Rega Jha steps down as editor-in-chief: A look at some of  her best work-India News , Firstpost
Pakistanis are hotter than Indians?! Rega Jha, really?

Miss Jhatoo displaying such behavior , is not really shocking given the fact she identifies as a secular feminist .

While Shefali Vaidya was forced to delete a tweet for finding a certain image ugly . She was labeled homophobic for finding dressing sense fo someone ugly . So what they are LGTBQGHFHGFYF, Transgender, Pansexual, Karchisexual , gender fluid or identity gel, anyone can find someone beautiful , appealing , bland , mediocre or UGLY . Yes . we have a right to opinions.

Netizens slam Shefali Vaidya for sharing a ‘transphobic’ tweet.
Trolls feel threatened by us Queer scholar speaks out amidst cyber bullying

I know many transgender people who dress beautifully. See the image below.

Five most beautiful Indian transgender daring to break away from the  shackles of stereotypes

Calling someone beautiful or ugly has nothing to do with their gender, sexuality , class, caste . While many salivate over Shahrukh Khan , Salman Khan and Aamir Khan , I find them very crass. My opinion. Period.

So if Shefali Vaidya was tagged homophobic for calling out the appearance of a Transgender man , then Agrima should also be termed Sikhphobic for calling out looks and appearance of a Sikh man. Or does different law apply when WOKES are in question? Will me labeling Agrima make it about Brahmical Patriarchy? Neither am I a brahmin , a man, or gender fluid to identify as a man sometimes.

What happened to don’t judge ANYONE based on looks trope repeated on loop by the phaiminists ? MAH BAADY MAH CHOICE slogans ?

Oh wait as always they are such propaganda tool to take out you “STOP BRAHMICAL PATRIARCHY ” placard and reuse them (cost cutting eh ? Budget issues) ?

So Miss Agrima , neither are you funny, nor are you a feminist , liberal person.

Your hate is dependent on the side that is standing on the opposite side , whom you are to mock and whom you have to defend . You are not secular, you are secular fluid. You are not feminist, you are gender protection fluid.

So miss wannabee female Kunal Kamra , your attack on the Sikh men in the image is as fluid as your feminism, changes depending on the two sides and whom you have to defend. So shed the tags , drop the drama buzzer off.


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