This has been a long pending article , very personal to me. For long I have been a anti caste discrimination crusader , albeit a silent one . Not that I was ever told to discriminate anyone on the basis of caste , but I did hear random castesist jokes(even from one upper caste to another one ) .
I always wondered where , how and why does discrimination exist on the basis of caste ? I had never seen . Infact I had only seen reservation meted out to certain castes, which I found very discriminatory . I remember a batchmate from posh , elite , expensive school , son of a multimillionnaire MLA getting into IIT and AIIMS because he belonged to ST . I found that SO WRONG . I saw in college how people belonging to SC paid NO FEE, NO HOSTEL FEES , no fees for exams , got ALL BOOK from library . I found that VERY DISCRIMINATORY . I saw how people belonging to SC/ST quoto got Government jobs , while Upper caste students from not so well off families had to run around to get ANY JOB to pay off the loans they had taken .
I have always beleived that EVERYONE is equal or should be in eyes of law or Government schemes.
I have always been vocal about it .

I have seen how SC/ST act was misused many times . This is what happens when you give undue advantage to anyone , be it on the basis of caste , gender , sexuality , region , religion etc. The very shield that was used to protect become a weapon to harass , by many . A get away card or an falsely implicating card .

And now we have self appointed leaders of Dalits , who CLAIM to be the voice of opressed, to fight for the downtrodden. Social Justice warriors on Twitter who rant day in and day out about atrocities their forefathers faced , write op-eds in International magazines, journals (courtesy the very reservation they openly took ) . BUT are OBVIOUSLY always absent when any dalit is harassed, assulted , raped , killed by any Muslim . WHY SO ? We hear no word from them , ever . WHY ?

Why do these DALIT Leaders and warriors go into hibernation when any dalit is wroged by Muslims ?
What about Dalit Sikhs (Majhabis) who are mistreated by the Upper caste sikhs ? Why NEVER talk about atrocities meted out to Pasmanda Muslims by Ashrafs and other Upper Caste Muslims ? Why never outrage when Dalit Christians are denied burial space in cemetry by Upper Caste Christians ?

We never see any so called , self appointed Dalit leader EVER speak a word , do ANY protest when the perpretators are NOT UPPER CASTE HINDUS ? What’s with the selective outrage ?
So many times I have tagged the so called DALIT Leader on Twitter , when some wrong happens to a dalit by Muslims , but I NEVER get a reponse from these blabber mount ranters ? OOPS.

Here are some of the DALIT SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS who go into hibernation when anything wrong is done to any dalit by non Upper Caste Hindu .

I must have tagged ALL of them SO MANY times, but alas no reaction from ANY OF THEM .

Few days back a DALIT basti was attacked in Bihar by Muslims , NO REACTION as expected .

Strange DALIT LEADER Chandrashekhar Azad goes and stands with Muslims agisnst CAA ,(the same muslims who opreses Dalit Muslims , stands with Sikh Farmers against Farmer’s law (the same sikhs who opress Dalit Sikhs) and shout slogans against Hindus . You all are beyond Mariana Trench of shameless hypocricy .

I mean your hypocricy and hidden agenda is not even hidden anymore .

You all just want leadership , grants, money from national, international sources by projecting yourself as leaders of opressed , and Upper Caste Hindus are always there to be made the fall guy .

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