According to the latest census, 90% of the population of Nagaland ,mizoram and manipur is christian,while arunanchal pradesh has 35% of christians. It is surprising to look at these numbers since it was only after the British arrival in india that the local populations were converted to Christianity by the Missionaries who received all help from the Britishers. But the real acceleration in this process happened after India got its independence and the ‘secular’ governments of congress made it very easy and profitable for these missionaries to convert innocent north east people to christianity.

How congress stopped hindu sadhus from even entering nagaland
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru especially made a law to stop Sadhus from entering nagaland,an effort to further disconnect the north east people from mainland India and make the work of missionaries easy.

It is a result of these actions that today, majority of north east has become christian and mssionaries-communist nexus use these people to instill anti-india and anti-hindu sentiments in them. As a result, many seperatist movements have been going on in these states.

What should be done by us to stop this: reconnect the north eastpeople with their past

Not many people know but North east states of india are among the kingdoms that never came under islamic rule. Every Islamic invader who tried to enter the region, from KHILJI to MUGHALS were badly defeated by the regional people. Even in British times, people had started fighting the christian missionaries to protect their culture and identity. There are countless stories of these native indian warriors which have been hidden from us all these years. Here are two examples which every indian should know and share and how you can read about them in detail.

  • King prithu of Assam– Great Hindu king Prithu ,who was a Durga worshipping king off assam defeated the cruel Bakhtiyar Khilji(destroyer of Nalanda University) when he tried to enter the North-east through Assam.i
Khilji and his soldiers running after being defeated by King Pithu(on horse)

Click here to Read the full story of the battle here:King Prithu vs Khilj

Rani Gaidinliu: Daughter of the Hills – Press Information Bureau

Rani Gaidinliu:Forgotten freedom fighter who fought the christian missionaries

It is a need of today if we want India to survive to make sure these stories are told to every indian and people from every corner of india remember their past and unite as one against the common enemies of India.

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