It is a universal truth that a living body cannot survive without a plant. Nature is our mother and plant is like a heart to our planet earth. How anyone can think to survive without a plant? There have been so many discussions and experts’ views on plants and their importance to our life but still, the awareness is less among those who give not much importance that how plants can change your life? We will try to understand why plants are required to enhance our health and thoughts.

You feel happy to know that according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) an average person spends almost 87% of his life indoors. We know the human connection with plants is from ages and studies have shown that plants have always protected and nourished us towards the transformation of our life. Our mental and emotional health gets impacted once we find our closeness with plants whether we are indoors or go outside to ease out from tiredness, anxiety, and stress.

Researchers in Japan have found some motivating factors about shirin-yoku (a forest bathing technique) where it shows how it improved individuals’ mood, reduced stress rather it also maintained their blood pressures. So, my intent to throw some lights that how we can get the benefit.

Plants improve your air quality 

It is not important whether you live in a tiny apartment or small home to terrace apartment, luxurious duplex villa or living in a farmhouse, you just need to have a loving and caring attitude towards plants and most importantly you must develop your understanding that plants can save your life and others too.

An indoor plant brings beauty and equally beneficial for your health. As we know, the plants emit oxygen and intake of carbon dioxide to make the environment clean. In the same way, if you put indoor plants in your house you will get fresh oxygen and the negativity will also remove. They are also able to filter out dangerous toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and another waste particle from your home. Plants can elevate the humidity of that area where it is placed and transpire the moisture into the air creating a comfortable environment to breathe easily.

Some useful indoor plants are 1. Golden Pothos 2. Snake Plant 3. Ferns 4.Garden Mums 5. Philodendron 6. Red-Edged Dracaena, 7.Money Plant, etc. You need to plant to make yourself happy, stress-free, and cognitively enhanced if you really love to live.

Plants keep us stress-free and minimize depression

Doctors and researchers have always been saying that spending time with nature and plants helps speed up recovery from stress, mental fatigue, reduces blood pressure, and minimize anxiety levels. In a Korean study, it was found that those patients who were suffering from depression had kept in the forest-like setting to check the effects of CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and it was reported that drastic changes were sensed. It was found that 25-40% major downfall in the stress level compared to those who were treated in a normal diagnosing situation. So, keep yourself motivated and bring some indoor plants to keep your life stress free and root out depression.

Plants help in withholding (retention) memory to a long period

It has been found in many pieces of research that those who lead their lives in an urban area with cumbersome traffic and found themselves in less greenery area in comparison to those people who live and spend their life in green space or natural environment have a more sharp memory and always focussed to their role and responsibility and also have good command over concentrating the job. It is advised to keep ornamental plants in the home or in the workplace can increase memory power and concentration. You may plant rose and rosemary in the house as they are known for improving concentration and stimulate the brain to function properly.

Improves your relationships and family bonding

We know being surrounded by nature the feeling of calmness and soothing effects to our soul. If we feel cool and calm from the inner zone then it certainly reflects our outer ambiance and we are more indulged in happy moments with our friends and family members.

Gives more happiness and positivity to you

It is well-known flowers, in particular, can create a feeling of happiness and cool moments by triggering the release of happy hormones or you can say neurotransmitters like serotonin and oxytocin to the specific part of the brain and they are directly linked to mood stability and emotional bonding. According to experts “opting for flowers to your home or in the workplace decreases your ambiguity and stress level and makes you more secure, happy, and relaxed.  


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