Kashyap’s Kashmir has a Hindu history of 7000 yrs. Islam started in Kashmir only after the 11th century

The first Muslim missionary in Kashmir was Syed Sharaf-ud-Din Abdur Rahman Suhrawardi, popularly known as Bulbul Shah. He was an extensively travelled preacher and came to Kashmir during the reign of Raja Suhadeva (1301–20). After Suhadeva was killed by Rinchan & became the ruler, Rinchan married Ramachandra’s daughter Koteh Ren also famous by the name of Kota Rani and appointed his son as chief and later he adopted Islam on the advice of mir shah.

In 1339 Kashmir throne was captured by Sultan Shahmir who founded Shahmiri dynasty in Kashmir. Subsequently, ten thousand Kashmiri hindus converted to Islam and hence the seeds of Islam in Kashmir were sown.

The spread of Islam among Kashmiris was further boosted by the arrival of a host of other Sayyids, most prominent among them being Sayyid Jalal-ud-Din, Sayyid Taj-ud-Din and Sayyid Hussain. Simanani.However, the greatest missionary whose personality wielded the most extraordinary influence in the spread of Islam in Kashmir was Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani of Hamadan (Persia) popularly known as Shah-i-Hamadan.

The greater part of the population which was Hindu till 1300bc, however, was forcefully converted during the reign of Sultan Sikander. making Kashmir Muslim majority. Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani’s impact in Kashmir was not only confined to religion but had a great say on culture.

All this Propaganda was never told in the history books of Kashmir ..

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