Dear Muslims , I have started reading Quran and I am extremely curious out this amazing religion . But I read some verses which made me have many doubts.

Quran says that Allah created the universe, sun , moon , stars , planets , Jupiter, Saturn , Saturn’s rings etc. Adam was placed on earth by Allah and Eve created from his rib in teh garden of eden . All humans , animals came after that on the creation of Allah.

So here is my question, if Allah did not want Dianasours, Mastodons, Mammoths and other extinct species to live forever , then why were they created in the first place and allowed to live on earth?

If I create a company and I do not want people from JNU then why would I let them join my company in the first place? I could not find my answers to them in the first place ?

Could not find these answers in Quran , so asking .

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