Fake animal rights activist and climate activist (who can give Greta Thunberg a run for her money in crying and drama ) exposed herself yet again.

While Miss animal rights activist who bats for pollution less , firecracker less Diwali as it scares the animals, ban on kite flying in Makar Sankranti, basically attacks every Hindu festivals, proudly flaunts herself enjoying Eid festivities , as always .

Shefali Vaidya. ?? on Twitter: "On Makar Sankranti, @deespeak is  concerned about 'dying birds'. On Eid-Ul-Adha, she is busy giving Qurbani,  hence absolute radio silence! #BakraLivesMatter https://t.co/vWBAJGNKCb" /  Twitter

Cry , cry do drama on Hindu festivals and eat cruelly killed meat and then gain your secular credentials by posing eating meat on Muslim , Christian festivals. SHAMELESS HYPOCRITE .

Dia Mirza on Makara Sankranti , Birds and Biryani!!: IndiaSpeaks

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