The way some regions of the country are being thrown into the furnace of violence in the guise of opposing the Agneepath scheme cannot be justified under any circumstances. The most shocking images of violence, however, are from Bihar, where miscreants and rioters have been torching government property for the past three days.

Meanwhile, the policemen are trying to block the rioters on their own initiative, but they are unsuccessful in their efforts. In such a case, the state’s Chief Minister is required to step forward to take any action or at least put some conversation. Lakhs of crores of rupees are being wasted, trains are being burned, buses are being set on fire, and offices are being burned But the Chief Minister has taken no action against them.

The good governance that Nitish Kumar is disseminating through the political baton by chanting is now visible to all. Why is Chief Minister Nitish Kumar silent about the violent incidents? Why aren’t they ordering any concrete action on Saturday, the fourth day of violence? Why is there no real strategy being developed with the decorated police officers in Bihar?

Even if it is considered that there is a lack of time, what could be a more important assignment for the administration at this moment than saving the burning Bihar? CM sahib had time to tweet after offering a tribute on the occasion of Anugrah Narayan Singh’s birth anniversary, however, he has yet to put a single tweet against violence. Even though Twitter, Nitish Kumar did not deem it necessary to make an appeal in order to put an end to the violence. After all, Nitish Kumar, how are you governing the state?

Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, is in charge of the Home Department. But why is Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister silent? The state government is in charge of maintaining law and order. If the Bihar administration had been severe with the miscreants from the start, the miscreants would not have gained so much courage now.

If observed carefully, Nitish Kumar’s image as a good leader has been entirely shattered. Whatever remains of his political career and power participation is due to the BJP. However, given the current circumstances, it is safe to say that Bihar is no longer safe under Nitish Kumar’s leadership. Nitish Kumar, the so-called “Sushasan babu,” is unable to deal with these miscreants.

You may recall the scene from Anil Kapoor’s film Nayak in which Maharashtra was set on fire after a little conversation with the bus conductor. Senior police authorities discuss action against the rioters with Amrish Puri, who plays the Chief Minister in the film, but the CM declines. Because among the rioters, some were members of their caste and others were potential voters. Although it was a film, the current reality in Bihar is exactly the same.

The government of Bihar is unable to distinguish between protest and bullying. Those students who desire to serve the country with a pure heart are being smeared in the miscreant scandal. Because students who are studying and thinking about the future won’t have violent intentions, those who conduct violence are those who do not want to do anything with their lives. They work to jeopardise their own future for the sake of a little dollars. To be honest, Nitish Kumar Ji, it appears that you have brought the jungle raj back to Bihar!


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