Greta accidently leaked a toolkit. It was a google doc file and it had many inter-connected docs related to so called farmers protest in India.

As soon she did the grave mistake which led to reveal their dark secrets,BJP supporters and nationalists started saying that all the anti-national names are there in the leaked toolkit & it is a well planned attack by anti-nationals to demonize the image of the current leadership.

The left started attacking them and started calling them Bhakts and Godi media as always which had again no ground again. Right wingers tried to take their stand but ultimately due to lack of substantial evidences,they failed to counter the narrative of left.

People from left already had the toolkit in their hands at least 2 days before . This clearly means it was a pre-emptive and planned conspiracy.

In the beginning of october 2020, a foundation was registered by the name – DIGIPUB NEWS INDIA FOUNDATION

It is an organisation representing digital-only news platform. Means no printed magazines, no printed newspapers were a part of the hierarchy.

The listed website were:

Alt News

Article 14



HW news




The news minute

The quint

The wire

This can’t be a mere coincidence.The entire cabal is working towards some nefarious activities which can hinder the interest of India in long run. Because of these people country lost 70,000 crores in the third quarter from these fake agitations and protests. Because of these people our country is losing 3500 crores every single day which is impacting our economy to a great extent.

To find out more about the big revelations,go through the attached video below.

Chose your ideals wisely because their vested interests lies in breaking India.

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