In the age of Kali, is it any wonder that we witness humanity plummet to depths that even Ravana would have been proud of?  We are witnessing the culmination of several negative forces that derive energy from warped ideologies.  Amidst this madness sits Bharat, the last bastion of humanity and commonsense.

India is being attacked by multiple forces. From the east we have seen China do what it does best, exercise uncivilised behaviour and act like a bigoted neighbour. It uses its monetary muscle to buy corrupted third parties who are encouraged to eat away at India’s defences.  On the west we have the terrorist state of Pakistan. We have known, more than any other nation, that Pakistan is the very cauldron of terrorism and extremism. Pakistan was created out of the madness of one man, Jinnah. His ego and thirst to be a leader was too great and he allowed the partition agents to create Pakistan not out of love or ancestral pride, but only to satisfy his greed.  A nation born out of such negativity can but only produce the worst of the worst. Today, Pakistan is dead, there is no soul, there is only greed, envy, corruption, fear, exploitation, murder, rapes and systematic persecution of its minorities.

Move further west and you encounter the European nations. Their one-time monopoly to exploit others broken, and today their offspring so lost in their own pity, they are galvanised to support the terrorists and the extremists to attack the largest democracy in the world, India. They have entertained the Pakistani terrorists in their support to undermine India on the Kashmir issue. Now they are in bed with the Khalistani terrorists and have fallen hook, line and sinker for the fake outrage against the Farmers Bill.

Keep moving further west and you hit America and Canada. America now in the hands of Biden and the Democrats is openly hostile to India. I had warned people about VP Kamala Harris and her anti-India and anti-Hindu rhetoric. Is it any wonder that today we find America attempting to play dirty politics on any issue where they can exploit and undermine India? Canada is in an even worse position than America.  It is now run by Khalistanis.  I am certain it’s only a matter of time before these home-grown terrorists promoted by their Government, bite the very hand that gives them this unprecedented encouragement. Canada will rue their stupidity.  Remember, a true Sikh can never be a Khalistani.

In the age of Kali, where social media is king, those who control the narrative control the masses. India might call itself the technology hub of the world, but let us also be clear, it has been too stupid and incompetent in not harnessing this technology to protect its interest. It is in the gift of the Government to put this right, it’s doing bits and pieces, but there now needs to be a quantum leap in terms of what it does and the level of resources it puts to this task.

Our enemies, be they Islamists, Christians, multinationals or nations, have their benefactors assigning billions of dollars to further their interest. One wonders what India is doing. Even their embassies around the world often seem impotent to put up a fight.

This Dharma Yuddha has to be won by India to save the world from its own madness. I believe PM Modi is the right person for this task, I pray he brings into his circle a few more good people.

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