Kalyan jewelers has been shamed by ordinary Indian citizens after claiming that Mughals – who could barely construct tents in deserts introduced nose rings to kafir Indians.

Kalyan Public Relations fails in 5th grade Geography

“Nose rings were first in India by the Mughals from the Middle East.” First of all, idiots at Kalyan, do you know where the Middle East is on planet earth? Central Asia and the Middle East are two different geographical regions.

Kalyan Public Relations fails in History

A Hindu activist and influencer – Sunaina Holey aptly pointed out to idiots at Kalyan over twitter that the nose rings are indeed Indian; they are mentioned in ancient texts which existed when only camels roamed the Middle east and Mughals in Central Asia weren’t inbreeding yet.

Kalyan Jewelers caught with pants down never apologized

The idiots at Kalyan might have saved their sinking empire by issuing an apology. However, they said

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We have updated the blog and corrected this error.

Kalyan sends a strong message to Indians — skip their stores and BUY LOCAL.

Image: Sampat Jewelers

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