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Guess the number of Indian Americans in USA.

“The number of Indian-origin residents in the United States has swelled north of 4 million” says this survey.

How representative is this survey?

The authors belabor to say that “All the analyses in this study… employ sample weights to ensure representativeness.”

“Its findings are based on a nationally representative online survey of 1,200 Indian American residents in the United States—the 2020 Indian American Attitudes Survey (IAAS)—conducted between September 1 and September 20, 2020, in partnership with the research and analytics firm YouGov.”

“Respondents for this survey were recruited from an existing panel administered by YouGov. YouGov maintains a proprietary, double opt-in survey panel comprised of 1.8 million U.S. residents who have agreed to participate in YouGov’s surveys.

Now read it 1200 Indian Americans  out of 4 million Indian Americans. Next, a panel of 1.8 million US residents (not Indian Americans) out of 330 million US residents.

Nearly 1/3rd of the conclusions are based on a sample size much less than 1200.

Sample here; N=364:

An old saying goes, if there is no problem in the life of someone and you wanted to create one, just ask what is the problem you are facing these days? If he/she doesn’t see one, in the first go, in the second go you will be successful.

Sample a survey question supported by Endowment for International Peace:

“What features of India’s domestic politics are most responsible for creating divisions in the Indian American Community?”

Why could this question not be?

“What features of India’s domestic politics are most responsible for knitting together Indian American Community?”

“This study is the third in a series on the social, political, and foreign policy attitudes of Indian Americans.” Says the Survey.

In a short span; in quick succession; to coincide with the American Presidential Election year; in a hurry…

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