अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि ”

I’m Brahman, the Soul, the Redeemer..!!!

Sanatan Dharma says ‘you’, as the individual are capable of of Moksha, Nirvana, Redemption and doesn’t need the crutches to redeem oneself, to attain Moksha, Salvation !

It’s my Karma, the actions which will determine my Moksha and not some Saviour, not some Redeemer.
Redemption shall take place if my actions are in conformity with the Good, the whole good not a compartmentalised and blinded viewpoint. It’s all about my Deeds, my acts which solely determines the End, I will meet.

So, why does then Man needs a Go-Between… a Saviour, the Redeemer, the Messenger, the Prophet to the extent that he becomes incapable of rationality, reasoning and logic ?
Why is it that the Man needs a via media to attain which is basically and primarily within his bounds, his acts, his deeds, his Karma ?

What is the need for the series of Prophets, Messengers, Saviours expounded by the Books of Faith ?
Are these so called Saviours, Prophets and Messengers really capable of redeeming all our Evils, the Devil within ?
Can these people really effect Salvation, Moksha for a Hitler, a Tamerlane, Pol Pot, Aurangzeb, Bin Laden, Stalin, whose lives were a study in Evil ?

The need for a Prophet, Saviour, Redeemer are the fetters of slavery wound around your Soul to confirm to the barbarities of Faith, the fetters have a hypnotic charm which makes us believe in most incongruous truth.

Faiths need slaves not enlightened souls who can redeem themselves, attain Moksha. How else do we explain the centuries of bloodshed in name of religion everywhere except in Bharat ?

Christianity uprooted the Pagans Animists, Tribals and the Heathens, brutalised entire populations in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia. Inquisitions of Europe, Spain, France, nearer home, Goa all had sanction from the supreme authority of Christiandom, the Pope, the Chief Pontiff !
Did Jesus ever thought of these violent conquests in his name? The Redeemer, the Saviour must be tormented at the conduct of his cruel hordes. It surely must have pained him much more than when he himself was crucified by tyrants, at the destruction of the Hellenistic classical age. When uncouth and illiterate clergies destroyed everything which was good, which destroyed the great libraries of the Hellenistic Age, when they burned the great temples of Athena, Seraphim, Apollos believing them to be evil because they did not conform to the baser instinct of early Christianity.

Islam, though came up some six hundred years later, broke all records of human brutalities in its zeal to Islamisize the World.

It subjugated the entire Middle East, went upto the Atlantic in North Africa,Central Asia, the Persian Empire, Indian subcontinent and converted it almost entirely by the Sword. Fought the bloodiest battles in Crusades for the supremacy of Jerusalem, the Holiest of Holy places. Its history of conquest is solely violent with the exception of the Malay archipelago.

Did Mohammad, the Prophet, think of such a bloody conquest to spread his idea of Universal Brotherhood ?

Was this his idea of Islam as Religion of Peace ? When his bloodthirsty hordes vanquished every human settlement, religion, community from Atlantic to Indus.

Followers of the Books of Faith did not need enlightened people, they needed Sheeps, unquestioning and pliant, who could be herded around, roused to a frenzy, turned into Wolves in belief that their Faith is the Ultimate !

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