“Strong reaction from CHP’s Kaya to Diyanet-Sen: ‘Young minds are poisoned,’” Tekdeeps, June 13, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Visuals of beheadings, executions and wars appear in the children’s magazine of Diyanet-Sen, a subordinate of Memur-Sen; from CHP Lightning Rock “Young minds are poisoned,” he reacted.

It is affiliated to Memur-Sen, the authorized union in the Diyanet and foundation service branch. Diyanet-Sen’s grown in Turkestan in the 12th century in a children’s magazine; In the section about the life of Abdurrahman El-Hazini, a physics, astronomy and mathematics scholar who studies gravity and scales, beheading, execution, war, child shackled by foot images were used.

CHP’s Kaya reacted to Diyanet-Sen in a statement on his social media account. rock, “You may remember that our children were shown the execution animation on EBA TV. Now, images of beheading, execution, war, children shackled by their feet in shackles are poisoning young minds in Diyanet-Sen children’s magazine. ‘Do not hurt children, masters!” said….

In our news published today by Mustafa Çakır, Diyanet-Sen affiliated to Memur-Sen had started to publish a children’s magazine. In the first issue of the journal in which Islamic scientists in history are explained,execution, beheadingIt was noteworthy that the image of the ” scenes was included.

In the promotional statement of Diyanet-Sen for the children’s magazine, “Children and young people are the future and future of a nation and society. Those who do not know their past cannot build their future. For this reason, we wanted them to learn about our past while addressing our children and young people in our new magazine.” was said.

In his article, Diyanet-Sen Chairman Mehmet Ali Güldemir said, “Since the book appeals to everyone, especially our children and the younger generation, the topics were handled with a simple and story style.

Source: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2021/06/turkey-government-religious-authority-publishes-childrens-magazine-featuring-child-slave-beheadings

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