“Backward : پسماندہ Pasmanda : retarded in intellectual development.”  This is a direct reference to the large group of muslim converts in India.  Means, they are always to be second class since they are not from the so-called pious desert lands.

Islamist supremacist and deranged Zawahiri lent public support to the student who went astray in Karnataka.  Instead of focusing on her education and exams, the student now has become a victim and a jihadi puppet.  She’s got the support of the most barbaric and backward terrorist group – Al-Qaeda.

In India, Muslims some months ago began protesting over school uniforms that did not include the hijab. This demand for special accommodation has now become a pretext for a call to jihad against India from al-Qaeda chief Zawahiri, who, we were told, died in 2020. His death turns out to be yet another indication of the untrustworthiness of the establishment media.

“Al Qaeda chief Zawahiri asks Muslims to unite over hijab controversy in India,” Express News Service, April 7, 2022:

Al Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zawahiri, in a video released on Tuesday, spoke on the hijab controversy in India and asked Muslims in the subcontinent to fight the perceived assault on Islam “intellectually, using the media and with weapons on the battlefield”….

No Degree? No problem.

In an almost nine-minute video released by Al Qaeda mouthpiece As-Sahab media on Tuesday, Zawahiri showered praise on Muskan Khan, the Karnataka student who raised slogans of Allah-hu-Akbar after being heckled by a right-wing Hindu mob shouting slogans of “Jai Shri Ram” this February. Zawahiri said that her “defiant slogan of takbeer” as she challenged “a mob of Hindu polytheists” had “emboldened the spirit of Jihad” and had reawakened the Muslim community.

The video, in fact, starts with a clip of Khan taking on the mob, followed by Zawahiri’s address which for the entire duration of the video talks about just this issue. “She has unveiled the reality and unmasked the nature of the conflict between the chaste and pure Muslim Ummah and the degenerate and depraved polytheist and atheist enemies it confronts… May Allah reward her greatly for imparting a practical lesson to Muslim sisters plagued by an inferiority complex vis a vis the decadent Western World. May Allah reward her for exposing the reality of Hindu India and the deception of its pagan democracy,” Zawahiri said….

Imposition of Sharia in India

In a message to the Muslims in the subcontinent, Zawahiri said, “We must stop being deceived by the mirage of Hindu democracy of India, which to begin with, was never more than a tool to oppress Islam. We must realise that in this real world there is no such thing as ‘human rights’ or ‘respect for the constitution’ or law or other such nonsensical conjectural ideas.”

According to Zawahiri, it was exactly the same scheme of deception that the West had employed against Muslims, “the true nature of which was exposed by France, Holland, and Switzerland when they banned the Hijab while allowing public nudity”. “The enemies of Islam are one and the same, those fighting the hijab of Muslims in Egypt and Maghreb are the same opportunist thugs… writers, journalists, even hired turbans who vilify the hijab and the Islamic shariah. It’s a war on Islam, its core doctrines, its laws, ethics and etiquettes,” he said.

“Our Muslim Ummah in the Indian subcontinent, our battle today is a battle of awareness, a battle of discerning illusion from reality. We must understand that the way out is by holding on to our Shariah, uniting as a single Ummah, from China to Islamic Maghreb, and from the Caucasus to Somalia, a united Ummah waging a concerted war across several fronts. We must gather around sincere scholars and fight our war ideologically. Intellectually… using the media… and with weapons on the battlefield against the enemies of Islam,” he added….

The hijab row has prominently figured in propaganda literature of some global terror groups. Last month, the propaganda outlets of both the Islamic State and Al Qaeda had the issue on their covers. IS-associated magazine Voice of Hind had carried a cover titled “The Daughters of the Companions” on the issue. Previously, AQIS had already talked about it in its latest issue of Nawa-e-Ghazwa-e-Hind, an Urdu magazine brought out by it.

Major source content: jihad watch

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