Sanatana Dharma’s roots predate time immemorial. It is recorded in Quran and Bible too that such people and civilisation existed, who worshipped natural forces like fire, water, trees and idols of deities. As a matter of fact before the construction of Mecca, there were a lot of archaeological evidences like idols of deities and scriptures engraved in stones to be found across the world including Mecca and with the rise and expansion of Islam these pagan civilizations were destroyed. 

The Kaaba in Mecca was a holy site for various Bedouin tribes who used to make an annual pilgrimage to worship their Gods (idols) placed in tside the Kaaba. However, they were destroyed by the followers of Muhammad, upon his command. Prophet Muhammed wanted to destroy all evidences of indigenous practices before laying the foundation for Islam.

The holy black stone of Mecca is nothing but a left over artefact of our pagan cultures of the region, simply served and marketed under brand name of Islam. Muslims circumambulate the Kaaba in anti-clockwise direction unlike how devotees do it in temples in clockwise direction. The holy black stone in Kaaba, and the water body Zam Zam all of it looks similar to a Shiv Lingam and the abhishekam process. The three towers of devil also could possibly be a manipulated version of some ancient relic as well.

As an ex-Muslim, I believe that Islam has taken a lot of the Dharmic essence and remarketed it under its name.Sanatana Dharma was practised under different name across the world before Islam or Christianity was founded. Some creative minds came up with their very own exclusive version of religion to establish control and power. That is how Islam, Judaism and Christianity emerged.Vatican also has a lot of relics related to our Dharmic significance under its archives. The thing about Vatican that keeps me baffelled is why would a religious institution need a planetary observatory . There are all about god and Christ so why an observatory for planets. Plus a lot of theorists says that Vatican holds a lot artifacts which are unholy as per there religion and believe system .

Our Dharmic scriptures talk about astrology ,astronomy ,medicine ,surgery , tantra , yoga, mathematics, science and many more. Now with time west is validating and we are accepting all this under the name of science. It is so ironical that with time we ignored and forgot our data base of the sacred information and went hay wire, and then one fine day we were sold back our very own knowledge, that is recorded in shastras vedas and puranas. So basically the west decoded information from sacred texts and ascended as a super power.

While Islam and Christianity spread across the globe, and Asian counties were untouched because of its Hindu rulers of that time. But they too fell under the Islamic onslaught over time. Now, India remains the only land where Hindus can be found along with other Abrahamic religions flourishing and this is because of its Dharmic worldview of co-existence.

Jai Kali

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