Kamala Harris is reportedly going to swear in as the first female and first black, although many blacks do not consider her black, American Vice President. For this historic day, as reported by Buisness Standard dated 18.01.2021, she has chosen two Bibles for swearing in, so much for her Hindu Indian origin roots which people in India are so gaga about celebrating!

It is surprising that these worthies want Indians to take their oath to the highest offices of President of India, Chief Justice of India, the Prime Minister and all other ministers, judges etc on the Constitution of India and not the holy Geeta. But Kamala Harris and rest of the woke people would proudly swear in with Bibles. Why Kamala, why not start a trend by giving up the Bible and swearing on the Constitution of America?

Swearing on Bile is very secular for these liberal secularists, but when PM Modi gifts Geeta to various global dignitaries of the world, it is considered communal. That apart Kamala wants to commemorate Thurgood Marshall, a civil rights icon and the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court, by using his bible for the swearing in ceremony! She could have used the vetren jurist’s copy of the Constitution Of America which he used to guarantee freedom and equal rights to all citizens of America irrespective of their colour, race, gender or creed.

Kamala Harris, who had always in the past identified herself as a Balck Christian American, as soon as she was declared as the running mate for Joe Biden in US Presidential elections 2020 started to identify herself with her Hindu Indian roots.

She also spoke a few words in Tamil in her first speech thanking her nomination for the Vice-Presidential seat. Her sudden change of heart and her rediscovery of origins with her mother’s lineage from a Tamilian Brahmin community was aimed at garnering the huge Indo-American votes by playing to its sentiments.

Notably, she is the daughter of Shyamala Gopalan Harris, who hails from Chennai. Her mother, a cancer researcher passed away in 2009. Her father Donald Harris teaches at the Stanford University. Her parents separated when she and her sister Maya Harris were very young. It is also said that her mother named the two sisters Kamala and Maya to link them with their Indic heritage.

News reports were splashed across in India and in New York Times on 17.09.2020 to depict her as a devout Hindu by relating that during her race for being elected as California Attorney General, Harris called up her aunt Sarala Gopalan in Chennai and asked her to break coconuts for good luck at a Hindu temple overlooking the beach at Besant Nagar where she used to walk with her grandfather.

The aunt lined up 108 coconuts — an auspicious number in Hinduism — to be smashed. “And it takes a whole day to arrange that,” she said. Ms. Harris won the election, by the slimmest of margins.

All newspapers in India and many Tamilian Hindus were enamoured about her Hindu Tamilian Brahmin origins and how she is still rooted to Hindu culture and Tamil language by referring to her aunts as “Chittis”in Tamil in American national television.

Indians who have followed Harris over a long period of time knew that she was just indulging in theaterics for influencing the Indo-American community to garner their votes for herself and for her party.

Very pertinently for India she has been a severe critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his strong policy of dealing with jihadi terrorism in Kashmir. In fact she comes out as Islamic jihadi supporter and endorsing Pakistan’s views on Kashmir.

She has been bitterly criticising Prime Minister Modi’s initiatve to neuter Article 370 to integrate Jammu & Kashmir fully with India without the vestiges of a separate Constitution.

She openly stated at an event Texas in October 2019, just after two months of neutering Article 370, that “We have to remind the Kashmiris they are not alone in the world. We are keeping a track on the situation. There is a need to intervene if the situation demands”.

In fact, she was urging US government to intervene in the internal affairs of a sovereign government. She also criticised Donald Trump for not having a full-time US ambassador in Pakistan , when Prime Minister Modi was urging to build a new Kashmir sans blood shed, hate and terrorism.

She was so aggressively wanting to intervene in India’s internal affairs by supporting Islamic jihadi elements of Kashmir that she said, “If the US wants any effective step on Kashmir issue, then there is a need for deployment of an American ambassador in the region (Pakistan)”.

She was so much consumed with hatred for Modi that she boycotted the ‘Howdy Modi’ event in Texas. She also stood by the Indian-American Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, who had introduced a bill in December 2019 in the US house of Representatives ( like the Lok Sabha) urging India to lift the ban of internet services in Jammu & Kashmir and releasing political leaders of Kashmir under house arrest and “preserve religious freedom for all residents” in Jammu & Kashmir.

So, Kamala with her anti-India friends like Pramila Jayapal maybe of Indian origin who may have Hindu names, but are culturally and politically as anti-Hindu like Kavita Krishnan. There simply is no reason for India to cheer that a person of Indian origin is poised to occupy the seat of Vice President of The United States of America, when they themselves have nothing to do either with cultural Hinduism nor with securing the safety and integrity og India.

So, a Christian Black American Kamala Harris does not intrinsiclly feel in any way connected to her Indian roots and rather we should expect her to create mischief for India with respect to Jammu &Kashmir. We should be wary of her tendencies and ideologyrather than place implicit faith on her by being the proverbial, “Begaane Shaadi Me Abdullah Diwana”.

Source of Kamala’s Views on Kashmir:

Kamala Harris: What Do We know About Her Views on Kashmir? | Kashmir Observer

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