A 48-year-old man named Mohammed Yaseen was taken into custody by the Delhi Police on Friday for his alleged participation in carrying out hawala transactions for terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Al Badr. In a coordinated operation with the Jammu and Kashmir Police and federal agencies, Yaseen was taken into custody. The allegations state that the detained Mohammed Yaseen worked as an agent for hawala and carried out the hawala transactions for numerous terrorist organisations. He lives in Turkman Gate, Delhi, and was taken into custody there on August 19.


Based on the intelligence from the central agencies and the Jammu and Kashmir Police, the Delhi Police began action against Yaseen. According to the Jammu and Kashmir Police and the Central authorities, someone was operating terror operations out of the Meena Bazar neighbourhood of Old Delhi and funding terrorist groups.


The police stated ““Accordingly, we deployed a raid team in and around Meena Bazar and apprehended him.”


On August 17, Special Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) HGS Dhaliwal disclosed that Yaseen had provided almost Rs 10 lakh to Jammu and Kashmir-based terrorist Abdul Hamid Mir for his involvement in anti-Indian operations in the region. The Poonch resident Mir was taken into custody at the Jammu bus station along with the money after the Jammu and Kashmir Police had also filed a case in this respect.


According to reports, Yaseen lives in Old Delhi and works as a hawala money operator while being a garment seller by trade. He gathers money from his contacts abroad and sends it to various terrorist groups operating in Jammu and Kashmir. When Yaseen was questioned by the police, they learned that he was the Delhi link in the hawala chain.


The police informed “Yaseen revealed that the hawala money is sent from South Africa via Surat and Mumbai. The money is then despatched to Jammu and Kashmir through different couriers”.


Additionally, according to the police, the arrested suspect recently received Rs 24 lakh from South Africa, of which he sent Rs 17 lakh to terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir via two different courier services. At the course of the search, the Police found Rs 7 lakh in his home.




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