The red monkeys that break stones in the name of Hindus have committed many murders till now. Let’s see some of those murders today!

Kanhaiya Kumar, Shehla Rashid, all these people are raising their voices against the organizations which are always on the side of Hindus and show themselves as champions of Dalits and backward classes!
Unfortunately, some people in our judiciary are also involved in all this! Since the inception of this party, there have been countless massacres even globally, there is even a website article called 100 YEARS AND 100 million dead! They have not done anything different in our country either! They have killed all those who speak against his party, below are his examples.

1. When asked by Buddhadeb Bhattacharya in Parliament in 1997 (then Home Minister and later Chief Minister of Bengal), he admitted that between 1977 and 1966 there were about 28,000 political assassinations. So 4 out of 125 days in a year is one out of six hours!

This was followed by an article by a communist leader in the Left-run newspaper MAINSTREAM in which he said that it was necessary to increase it once and for that the Communist Party was working hard. And that’s exactly what happened in the years to come. Between 1997 and 2009, there were 27,408 political assassinations, or 2,284 a year. That is, from 1977 to 2011, more than 57,000 people were killed by the Communist Party in Bengal alone, and unfortunately some of us ..Those who consider themselves the defenders of democracy and write comrades in their own bio ignore these figures for their own political future, otherwise they are afraid that the party will do something like the above 57,000 people!
2. In Kannur, Kerala, Master Jayakrishnan, a representative of the BJP Youth Front, was one of the best teachers and one of those who was to be loved in party politics.

On December 1, 1999, while the master was teaching in the school, 5 people entered the classroom and killed the master in front of his students and also crushed him with a stone! Going ahead, they wrote on the board with the blood-stained hand of the master, “If anyone says anything about this, it will happen to you as it has happened to the master.” The next few days the students were in this shock.

Those 5 people were caught, after that, All over the state (Kerala), the image of the judge was burnt, threatening him that “if you don’t let him go, you will be in the same situation” and unfortunately. 4 out of 5 murders were released, this time Justice Katju was on the bench And he reduced the sentence of the 5th murderer to mercy grounds! In 2012, all five murderers were caught and sentenced to life imprisonment! But it took 13 years to get justice! Now these communists who insult the RSS and the BJP about the judiciary should see what their party is doing.

3. In 1990, after realizing that the CPI funds provided by UNICEF were being misused, a woman was sent by the Government of India to 24 Parganas in Bengal to monitor the situation. When the woman started the investigation, there were several secret blasts and the names of many big leaders were revealed. She collected all this information and while going back with the file Renu Ghosh, who was a UNICEF representative, stopped the taxi of Uma Ghosh and Anita Diwan by CPI goons raped the three, left all three women naked on the street and burnt all the documents. Of these, Anita Diwan died and the other two became disabled for life! Let the light shine on it and the then ruler did not utter the word servant! Now the women who stand on the side of the same Communist Party are really ashamed! If I get angry reading this, how angry they must be as a woman. But no! There is nothing bigger in their minds than the party and this proves it through their hypocrisy. Ali was shocked to learn that a woman had been raped in 2008 for refusing to join the Communist Party, but no action was taken against those who did so! Women communists like Kavita Krishnan do not utter a word on this!

4. In 2002, 2 BJP leaders were killed in broad daylight! Why? Because he had left the CPI party and accepted the BJP membership, show it to those who are bombarding Kerala saying ‘STATE WITH THE HIGHEST LITERACY’! There is a huge difference between being educated and being smart!
I have about 100 such incidents on which I am going to write ….. that’s all for today! The hypocrisy must come to the fore! Communism is the scourge of our country and until everyone knows this, they will destroy this country!

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