Pakistan has recently replaced its previous government, with a brand new care-taker government, which is to stay in place until next year when the elections will be held.  This means all portfolios have been given to people who were not holding those same portfolios earlier.  The new care-taker Prime Minister is Anwar ul Haq Kakar , a former Senator from Balochistan province who is known to be an Army appeaser.  All other important portifolios have also been given to those who have favoured the Pakistan Army on varied issues, specially on matters pertaining to favouring terrorist elements to serve their own purpose.  Among other issues, it is said that Mr. Kakar was granted the Prime Ministership because of his vocal and open pro Army stance on the atrocities carried out by them on the people of Balochistan.

The coveted position of Minister for Interior (Home Minister) may be awarded to Shoaib Suddle.  Dr. Suddle, a PhD in Tax Evasion, has served as Inspector General of Police as well as the Tax Ombudsmen in the country, among other coveted posts.  The Pakistan state has promoted Mr. Suddle as a ground breaking force in the area of justice sector reforms.  He carries a carefully crafted reputation of a polished elite who has carried substantial portfilios in his work life, and might therefore be presented with one of the most important positions in the caretaker government.

What many people do not know however, that Dr. Suddle  was a murder accused in the killing of Murtaza Ali Bhutto, son of Prime Minster Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.  Dr. Suddle, who was then DIG of Sindh Police, was nominated in an FIR alongwith 17 other police officials.  On Sept 20, 1996 Murtaza Bhutto and his supporters were coming back after attending a public meeting in Yousuf Goth, Surjani Town, when a police party intercepted them at 8.30pm near his Clifton residence. Murtaza Bhutto and his associates — Ashiq Ali Jatoi, Abdul Sattar Rajpar, Rahman Brohi, Yar Mohammad Baloch, Sajjad Haider, Wajahat Jokhio and Kausar Zaidi — were killed in a fake encounter in on of the most elite neighbourhoods of the city,on the main road.  A taxi driver was killed and two police officials were also wounded in the incident.

The trial took over 13 years to conclude as a number of judges were compromised to request transfer to another court.  Lengthy and irrelevant cross-examination of witnesses were done by the defence by design, long adjournments were sought by defence counsel, and a lack of interest was shown by the prosecution witnesses.

The fact that on the day he was murdered, Murtaza Bhutto had called a press conference and narrated the following:

“These Men (Shoaib Suddle – District Inspector General, Wajid Durrani – Senior Superintendant of Karachi police) under the supervision of Abdullah Shah, the Chief Minister of Sindh, want to kill me. My life is in danger today. I’m giving this press conference to tell the government that my bags are ready. Bring a warrant for whatever it is you are accusing me and my party workers of and I’ll come myself and sit in your car.”

To this day, supporters and family of Murtaza Bhutto hold the state and the police responsible for cold blooded murder of 11 people.

This is not the first time when a person involved in notorious crimes is given serious consideration for an important portfolio in Pakistan.  In 2022, Pakistan appointed a new Ambassador to the US.  Masood Khan was flagged as a terrorist supporter who was actively involved in cross border terrorism during his previous assignment as President of PoK.

With an extraordinarily high unsolved crimes rate in Pakistan, one can expect that some government officials would have a somewhat criminal background.  However, by hiring a murder accused as Interior Minister of the country, the state really will outdo itself this time.


Edit: This article has been updated after the government of Pakistan released the final list of Ministers for it’s care taker set up.

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