A complaint has been filed against alleged actor and so-called activist Swara Bhasker over a tweet equating ‘Hindutva terror’ with the ‘Taliban terror’. She has been accused of promoting enmity between several groups on grounds of religion & committing acts that were detrimental to the maintenance of peace through her malicious tweet.

Ashutosh Dubey, a practising advocate at the Bombay High Court, posted a tweet wherein he informed that he has filed a complaint against Swara Bhasker with Mumbai Police and Palghar Police. He further added that he will soon file a complaint against the actor at the local police station as well.

The Palghar police was quick responding to the complaint, stating that the case will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken as per the law.

Advocate Ashutosh earlier also filed a complaint with the cyber cell. He took to Twitter to inform about the development in the case. He said Palghar cyber police has forwarded his complaint about taking action in the case. He has been called to the SP office to record his statement. The Maharashtra Cyber cell has responded to the complaint and asked him to contact the nearest police station with documents for redressal of his grievances related to the case.

Earlier yesterday, Bhasker slandered Hindutva by likening it to the Talibani ideology. She used the opportunity of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan to spew venom against Hindutva and its followers and leaving no stone to humiliate the entire Hindutva community. Soon after Swara Bhasker made the unwarranted comparison between the Taliban and Hindutva, Hindus and followers of Hindutva ideology slammed the actor for making false allegations against Hindutva and for not having a spine to issue an unequivocal condemnation against the Taliban and instead relying on Hindutva for denouncing the Taliban. Several others pointed out how Hindutva ideology is radically different from the one espoused by the Taliban, given that Hindus have accepted and accommodated persecuted people from around the world, not just Afghanistan alone.

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