The Congress party perhaps with an apprehension of getting exposed about the origin of the Tool Kit to defame Modi and India has withdrawn its complaint from Delhi Police and has chosen to pursue the same in Chhattisgarh where it can manipulate investigations to its liking.

The Congress party though gave a lame excuse for withdrawing the case from Delhi, citing inaction by the Delhi Police. As per report by Economic Times, a party functionary complained that the Delhi Police kept asking several questions and sought explanations from them regarding the Tool Kit, so they thought it better to pursue the matter in a place where there will be “fairness”.

Congress being in power in the country for over four decades, is quite an expert at manipulating police investigations and the legal system to manufacture imaginary cases against its opponents and bury its own crimes. So, it is only natural that they look for convenient foras where they have full control of the system in Congress ruled State of Chhattisgarh for “independent” and “fair investigation”.

The Congress were perhaps too scared that the truth might tumble out in the investigations by Delhi Police and the origins of the Tool Kit could be traced to their party high command.

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