Post the brutal murder of Kanhaiya Lal by Islamists in Udaipur, section 144 was imposed. While being in duty and controlling the mob on Wednesday, in Rajsamand, constable Sandeep was stabbed with a sharp object by a goon from the crowd he was controlling.

The policeman suffered severe injury, and he was refer to Ajmer right away.

When the Bhim police apprehended the two suspects who were on the run after killing Kanhaiya Lal on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, conditions in Rajsamand were tense, much like they were in Udaipur. Also made public was a video of the arrest. A sizable crowd of individuals started protesting shortly after the arrest. Even on Wednesday, the gathering began to swell significantly early on and soon took the shape of a rally.

Around 2:00 p.m., a mob was demonstrating near the Bhim police station in Rajsamand, which the police were attempting to take under control, someone from the crowd used a sharp object to stab constable Sandeep in the neck. The constable was sent to Ajmer right away in a hurt state. His condition is critical, according to reports.

It is noteworthy that Gos Mohammed and Mohammed Riyaz Akhtar, the assassins of Kanhaiya Lal, fled to Rajsamand, where they were detained later.

The murderers recorded the incident and afterwards produced another video in which they could be seen brandishing their knives and announcing their intention to assassinate Prime Minister Modi in a similar way.

The body of Kanhaiya Lal was cremated on June 29. The funeral services were attended by a sizable crowd.


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