Josef Mengele — the Nazi “Angel of Death” — was hounded to the ends of the Earth by the US and other Western governments in the aftermath of WWII for his sadistic medical experimentation on Jews in his custody during the war.

That’s how America used to treat psychopathic war criminals.

Now, America pays them the highest salary in the whole government, fellates them on television, and lavishes them with $100K per speech in retirement.

We are speaking, of course, of the one and only COVID Warlord Anthony Fauci.

The man was actively engaged in the engineering of a deadly bat coronavirus to make it even deadlier — a process called gain-of-function — in the Wuhan Institute of Virology immediately prior to the pandemic. He used a “nonprofit” called EcoHealth Alliance to pull it off, as detailed via The Intercept.

Don’t take my word for it, or The Intercept’s; take the NIH’s, which quietly admitted that EcoHealth Alliance had, in fact, received federal funds to conduct the research in violation of the Terms and Conditions of the grant.


Drastic Research reports that Fauci’s confidant at EcoHealth, Peter Daszak, even courted the government research entity DARPA to conduct the very research in question at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

All roads lead back to Fauci and a small band of co-conspirators.

The official COVID death toll, if one were so inclined to trust the corporate media and government, stands at 1.13 million.

Those numbers are very likely inflated, so it would be entertaining to put Fauci in a position to downplay the death toll after years of exaggerating it for political expediency.

But, at the very least, conservatively, COVID — the virus Fauci needlessly unleashed on the world — killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Killing people without justification is illegal in the United States, as it is in most civilized nations. It’s even illegal when it’s unintentional and arises due to negligence.

Criminal defense attorney Steven Rodriquez explains:

“Criminal negligent homicide (more commonly referred to as “Involuntary Manslaughter” and also referred to as “Negligent Homicide”) is a crime of causing another’s death through criminal negligence. Criminal negligence involves more than ordinary carelessness, inattention or mistake in judgment.

A person acts with criminal negligence when:

  • He or she acts in a reckless way that creates a high risk of death or great bodily injury; and
  • A reasonable person would have known that acting in that way would create such a risk.

In other words, a person acts with criminal negligence when his or her behavior is a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise in the same or similar situation. For example, if a driver kills a pedestrian while speeding through a residential area and blowing stop signs, he could be charged with criminal negligent homicide.”

To summarize the legal logic:

  • Fauci funded illicit gain-of-function research at a sketchy Chinese lab working on bat coronaviruses
  • A novel bat coronavirus escaped from said lab in 2019
  • 1.13 million Americans died from infections of said virus

This is open-and-shut for a competent prosecutor and a jury willing to examine the evidence.

First-degree murder charges for Fauci should also be on the table, but that’s a much harder legal bar to clear, as it requires proof of intention and planning. We have the planning element, as described above, but establishing intention to kill is more difficult.

At the very least, in the meantime while his prosecution is prepared, Fauci could and should be brought up on perjury charges since he lied under oath before Congress when he denied that he funded gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Fauci is a monster who must be prosecuted for the lives he stole — not just to achieve a modicum of justice for his millions of victims, but also as a disincentive for future Faucis who will inevitably come along.

And then we can open up the investigations into the number of people who died due to Fauci’s promotion of lockdowns, and the fear of the virus. I’m talking abo

ut people who missed medical procedures and screening, or spiraled into alcohol and drug abuse, or were prevented from exercising in fresh air outside of their homes.

And THEN we can start talking about the “vaccines”…

Source: Ben Bartee,

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