The below given picture is a well shot, emotionally appealing ad for donation. Except, this is NOT a case of fire accident as claimed by ketto, but a form of congenital ichthyosis. So decided to analyse the medical certificate attached

Below is the medical certificate given by some Sankalp Hospital Saharanpur and the Google details of that “Multi-speciality hospital”. No phone number, no website. Just 5 reviews, all 5 stars. Dr Balwinder, Dr Yatish (as mentioned in the medical certificate) don’t exist in this hospital.

So let’s come to the third doctor on the certificate, Dr Qamar Ali (BUMS), not MBBS. He exists. Patients of certain demographic profile, takes certificate from this hospital and post it on Ketto/Milap, who platform them without verification. There are hundreds of donation campaigns on Ketto/Milap which use medical certificate of this (possibly dummy) hospital only.



Both Milaap and Ketto writes in their 100 pages terms & conditions (which you don’t read) that they don’t guarantee the accuracy of claims posted on fundraisers on their websites. So it’s totally open to fraud. Yet you guys donate thinking it’ll go for a noble cause for sure.

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