Very important information on Covid-19 and Global Elite agenda. It shows highly convincing links to ponder whether the whole Covid-19 is a preplanned activity by Global Elite with Chinese collusion and if there is a possibility the second wave that turned out deadly is a case of Bio-terrorism against India and Modi. Also, given at the end is background information of the whole Global domination agenda. 

Italian parliament calling Gates as a ‘Vaccine Criminal’ who did untold damages particularly to India

Please read (or watch video) below on Italian Parliament calling Bill Gates as ‘vaccine criminal’ and what they said about what Gates has done to India, population control. It is an eye-opener.

Italian Lawmaker Video calling for Bill Gates arrest

WION Coverage and other coverage, – Global Elite & Bill Gates agenda on Covid 19 (US hoarding 550 million AstraZeneca vaccines!)

Here is WION link that extremely well covered how US under Global Elite agenda is holding 550 million AstraZeneca vaccines that it is NOT going to even need or plan to use (with Pfizer is slowing down production because there is no demand), how rich countries have 1 in 4 vaccinated while poor countries have 1 in 500

Gates disparaged Indian Pharma when asked about it ttps://Www.Youtube.Com/Watch?V=TropM4cajFw

Gates spinning his conspiracy Krystal Ball: Bill Gates is lying to you about vaccine Protection

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