Dear Americans, till last year I was felt sad for your loss, however today I feel good that this happened to you as well. You deserve it and more. Hope more comes to your way. You gave Birth to Terrorism. You always stood with Terrorism at all corner of the world. In Afghanistan, in Iraq, Syria, even in India especially in Kashmir you have involvement. You feel proud in unstabilizing govts.

You always try to teach entire world that you are superior and other are backward, however there are many countries which are more civilized and superior than you. we know you are big economy, your defence spending is way more than world, but this is the time to think where you are heading, you are heading towards destruction of entire world(it is better to say EARTH).

We know there are problems in every part of the world but it is none of your business. Time to time you proved that for your profit/benefit you can do anything, you can go any low and day by day you are going too low as a country. You cannot maintain your image only by producing war movies. you are superpower of Movies only. The people to whom you declared as Top Terrorist, you met with them openly, deal with them, for 50000 people you destroyed 4 crore people country, they are in danger not because of Taliban, because of you only.

In any corner of the world where there any War or civil war, US gets benefit from it, as you are the biggest supplier of weapons. but remember earth is round, and Karma comes back, not now, not tomorrow, not for next 2-3 decades but it will definitely come to you after century, and that time no one will stand by you.

You try to show your power in Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, even in 1971 against India, What happened? You lost every battle. And you will lose every battle in future. You won the wars only in Hollywood movies, but that days are over, when people of other countries think all your movies were real. 9 August 1945 was the day when you drop nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and world declared you are superpower, but its 7 decades and in these 7 decades you lost each and every battle. You are no more Supper Power Mr. America.

This is the time to introspect and take lessons from past mistakes and correct your actions towards real peace and harmony. Otherwise there will be a day in America, when you will completely unstabilize and world will laugh and happy for you. You showed, you have pure intention but you have huge blood in your hand. That Blood come to you and destroy you. you lost all feeling and sympathy from world.

I am happy for your Loss

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