Delhi High Court has directed Congress leaders Jairam Ramesh, Pawan Khera to remove tweets relating to allegations against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Union Minister Smriti Irani and her daughter.

The Delhi High Court on Friday summoned Congress leaders Jairam Ramesh, Pawan Khera and Netta D’Souza in a civil defamation suit filed by Union Minister Smriti Irani. The defamation suit seeks damages of over Rs 2 crore for allegedly making baseless allegations against her and her daughter.

A bench of Justice Mini Pushkarna also directed the three Congress leaders to remove tweets, retweets, posts, videos and photos from social media in connection with the allegations against Irani, who holds the charge of the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

The High Court said that if the defendants fail to comply with its directions within 24 hours, social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will remove the content. Irani’s action comes after Congress leaders alleged that her 18-year-old daughter Joish Irani ran a bar in Goa illegally and hit out at the minister over it and demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sack her from his cabinet.

Let us tell you that some leaders of the Congress party had accused Irani’s daughter of running an illegal bar. Smriti had vehemently denied the allegations and said that her daughter is 18 years old, who isn’t into politics and is a college student. She doesn’t run the bar. Congress has leveled allegations against her daughter on the basis of an RTI. But, in the RTI that is being talked about, there’s no mention of her daughter.

She had further said that the Gandhi family could not digest their defeat in Amethi, hence making such baseless allegations. She had talked about going to court.

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