On Friday, 29th of October, Delhi High Court asked social media platform Twitter to remove and delete objectionable posts from its platform relating to Hindu deities and should respect the sentiments and emotions of the people as it is doing business for them. The court’s order was based on a petition claiming that a user of the microblogging platform had represented goddess Kali in a disgraceful way.

Aditya Singh Deshwal, the petitioner, said that he came across some highly obnoxious posts about Maa Kali put up by a user with the name @AtheistRepublic, adding the deity was represented in a disgraceful and outrageous manner.

A bench of Chief Justice DN. Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh on Friday, 29th October observed and said, “You should respect the sentiments of general public as you are doing business for public at large. Their sentiments shall be given due importance, Why you should do things like this. You should remove this”.

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