The recent “Taliban episode” forced the indic people to think about the hardships our ancestors went through in order to protect this oldest civilization. The oldest civilization, our Indic civilization has been attacked several times either from barbarians or intellectually but still our beloved civilizational stands tall. The people of this civilization witnessed how barbarians attacked this holy land, destroyed temples, slaughtered Hindus and unleashed every possible cruelty upon them. Adding onto this we also noticed how the elite class “intellectuals” fought tooth and nail to whitewash the deeds of invaders and put them into the bracket of secularism. But because of few dev tulya Hindus like Sita Ram Goel , Ram Swarup , Koenraad Elst this intellectual imperialism never became a total success. Because of these noble men ,we bhartiyaas have identified the enemies of our civilization and trying our best to get over them. But are we bhartiyaas overlooking the source which is quietly and steadily curtailing the oldest civilization ??
The longest written constitution of a sovereign country is often considered to be the best and most secular constitution which is believed to give equal rights to every citizen and group but are these praising words stand tall when the same constitution is acting as a way to wash this glorious civilization. Should this constitution be termed as a secular constitution when it unleashes discrimination against Hindus ? Let’s look at the two articles who stand firmly against Indic resurgence and are Anti-hindu by their very nature.

Both the articles comes under the fundamental right section-

1. Article 30 – Article 30 is the greatest hindrance in the way for making this civilization prosperous. Article 30 of the Indian constitution comes under “cultural and educational rights” which gives all the minorities the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice . Isn’t this article stand in the line of discrimination ? Why this right is only given to minorities? Why not to Hindus? Hindus faced many years of persecution starting from Islamic barbarians to Britishers but still they are not allowed to regain their past glory ,still the Hindus have been given very few opportunities to teach their children about their beautiful scriptures even after achieving freedom. Any civilization’s base is the scriptures and texts of that particular civilization which keeps the civilisation alive and this Article by not letting the new generation of Hindus learn about their religious scriptures is directly hitting at the base. Unknowingly deracinated Hindus are being created which will destroy this oldest civilization. Deracinated Hindus who feels shame in following their traditions and customs. For Indic reneissance, the new generation must be taught about their faith, customs and traditions.

2. Article 25 – Article 25 comes under “right to freedom of religion” which gives the right to freely profess, practice and propagate any religion. But the question arises , are we following the concept of absolute equality or equality of equals ? Because absolute equality is no equality. Here we need to understand that Islam and Christianity are proselytizing religions which means these religions have the concept of conversion within them probably because of which Muslims and Christian see conversion as a noble step . The followers of Islam and Christianity have a duty of spreading their respective religions. By contrast religions like “Sanatan dharm” don’t have the concept of conversion which makes it stand behind. It’s obvious that conversion will be more natural to the followers of proselytizing religions and therefore Article 25 acts against Hindus. In many Islamic countries there is a ban on conversion ,so why can’t this country follow the same afterall this is the land where most Hindus reside.

It’s aur duty to tell the government how these articles stand on the Anti-Hindu podium and are slowly cutting down this ancient civilization. The government should take steps to amend these articles and give equal rights to Hindus.

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