A video got viral in the social media in which it was witnessed that the MLA of Indian National Congress party Meena Kanwar along with her husband who is the former MLA Umaid Singh staged a dharna protest at a police station over the release of their kin who were caught allegedly for drunk driving. In the video which went viral, Meena Kanwar could be seen defending the acts of her kin. She could be heard saying, “all kids drink”.

Regarding the incident Congress MLA Meena Kanwar said ” I had requested police to release my relative’s son & those who were with him but they didn’t agree. Police misbehaved with me and my husband. I demand strict action against the concerned police personnel. SP has assured action will be taken “.

This incident itself is enough to predict the situation of law and order in Rajasthan led by Ashok Gehlot. It is sad to see that the representatives of people are going to the police station and standing against the procedure given for every citizen. Just because the accused is a relative of a politician, it doesn’t make him escape the procedure.

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