This is a fair question. Let’s look at the chronology of events. Early in the year there were reports of women being sexually harassed at the fake farmer protests outside of Delhi. Nothing was done about it and the matter was shoved under the rug.

Yet another gruesome matter was shoved under recently – the gang rape of the Bengali woman who had gone from Bengal to Delhi to join the fake farmer protests. Apparently she had gone on a train ride to see real farms and was reported to have been gang raped by Aam Aadmi Party leaders during this time.

Cockroach Yogendra Yadav and other tools knew about this and deliberately kept quiet. Why? Because the girl was Bengali and any negative publicity about the gang rape would mean that the final election outcome would be affected in West Bengal.

Investigations are ongoing whether and how Yadav and tools conspired with terrorist TMC leader – Mamata Banerjee to hide this matter so as to ensure a smooth win by TMC in West Bengal.

Thus far, Police seem to have registered a case against six people including alleged AAP party rapists – Anoop Singh Chaanot and Anil Malik.

Natural Death or Murder?

This also needs to be investigated.

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