The world is at the crossroads. There is an ever growing threat to humanity from Islamic radicalism, terrorism and aggressive proselytization by Christian evangelical groups.

Threat to our civilization comes from multifold sources. A majority Hindu country hardly cares for Hindu rights and sentiments. Our society, the government, judiciary and media, all consider it as their secular duty to blame Hindus for all the crimes committed by minority communities.

Kasmir Pandits’ genocide is forgotten to prop up a falsehood called Kashmiriyat. What a place of majority Muslim population could become is borne out by the Kashmir situation.

Even regions where minorities are pampered by unscrupulous politicians to garner votes, they inevitably end up getting singed in violence. Look at Mamata’s West Bengal. Radical Muslims have no fear of law. They are raping, killing Hindus and burning their homes and places of worship.

Kerala contributes ISIS recruits by dozens a day. Political violence is at its worst. Muslims and Christians hold sway over the power center. Tamilnadu is following the footsteps of Kerala. Telengana more or less is on the same path. Andhrapradesh is seeing a massive spurt in baptization and proselytization. Hindu temples and gods are being set upon by religious zealots. Government seems to watching mutely from the sidelines.

Pakistan is a burning example of what it means to live in a Muslim majority country. Hindus and Sikhs have been systematically eliminated. The society is infested with terrorism. The rulers are pushing the people to the fringe in the name of Islam.

Look at Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and even Bangladesh. You have only complete mayhem and more and more radicalised people spreading religious violence around the world.

The only hope for India is Hinduism: the most peaceful religion in the world. It can bind together a country as diverse as India. It can provide hope to millions in the world. Some people are hellbent on creating unrest in India. They are busy maligning Hindu religion and spreading hatred.

Hindus must remember the glory of our civilization. They must unite for the survival of our country as well as the world.

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