Ayman Al Zawahiri; Pakistan Army Chief: After the death of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri in a US drone strike, the question is now arising whether the CIA carried out it alone, or was he helped by the Pakistani Army. Earlier, Pakistan Army Chief General Bajwa had spoken to the top general of the US Army.

The US drones entered Afghanistan and killed Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a vigorous drone strike in the capital Kabul. There are also reports that the son of Taliban Home Minister Shirazuddin Haqqani and a relative were also killed in this attack. According to Afghan media, Haqqani had given refuge to the Taliban leader at his safe heaven. After the death of Zawahiri, now the biggest question is arising about the role of Pakistan. Experts say that Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa has played a very important role in the elimination of Zawahiri. Let’s understand the whole matter….

It is being told that the killer drone with which the US targeted the fort of Zawahiri had flown from a Gulf country like Qatar to Kabul via Pakistan. Experts say that this drone aircraft could not fly over Pakistani airspace without the approval of General Bajwa. Imran Khan used to oppose giving way to American killer drones, but this approval was given to America under PM Shahbaz’s rule. Pakistani journalist Kamran Yusuf has revealed that two days before the attack on Zawahiri, a top US Army general had spoken to Pakistan Army Chief General Bajwa.

Bajwa had appealed to America to give loan to Pakistan few days ago

Kamran said that it seems that Pakistan was a part of this entire operation. Actually, Pakistan has to take loan from IMF which cannot be got without US approval. For this reason, Bajwa had a conversation with a top US official. Japanese media had revealed that Bajwa had appealed to the US to give loans to Pakistan. It has also been revealed in the media report that the chief of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI had also visited America just a few days ago. General Bajwa’s talks and ISI chief’s visit have raised the possibility of a Pakistani role in Zawahiri’s hunt.

South Asian affairs expert Michael Kugelman has also said that there is every possibility that Pakistan may have helped the US in this action. He said that the ISI chief had gone to America a few days ago. Kugelman also said that when the US killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, relations between Islamabad and Washington had deteriorated. Islamabad could have a huge advantage in the years to come, possibly by eliminating US al-Qaeda leader Zawahiri now with Pakistani help.

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